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  • Good
  • This add-on would be much greater if it worked with my Firefox Sync account as an app, like to sync data I want to keep track of.
  • I only see graph view listed. Looks at the graph slows down my modern computer so bad I basically freezes firefox. This is totally unacceptable. There is no way to do a long term data collection without slowing down my computer to where it is basically unusable on the graph view.
  • I only see "graph" so where is the clock or list? did they remove it? because it's the only reason why I downloaded it.
  • This really opens your eyes.
  • Nothing to say!
  • Love it, keeps the "286" moving smoothly, it like taking the star crud out of your anti matter injectors.
    That's like slicker than cat sh!t on vinyl floors? it a Texas thing!
  • On sait tous qu'on est traqué. c'est pas la peine de faire un outil pour ca. Ce qui ns intéresse serait de pouvoir VRAIMENT désactiver la collecte de nos données.
  • It doesn't work properly for while... It only gather the information and shows the graph view, all other functionalities are simple lost (some is there but doesn't work and the most hasn't even their buttons).
  • To put it simply, it no longer works. Yes, I see the graph view, but that’s it. List view and scrolling are no longer there. You can no longer block cookies from third parties. Essentially, Lightbeam lets you see all the people tracking you – and that’s as far as it goes.

    It’s a shame.
    Going to look for another program that is like this one BUT IS USEFUL
  • AWESOME!!! Heard of this like a year ago but never found it yay i found it finally
  • Quite useful to see all the relationships between the various parties. Will give 4 stars when all the functionality works (ie) the different views. Hope Mozilla developers haven't forgotten about this tool!
  • I'm giving this extension three stars, because it only provides half of the functionality. The data collection part works, but there is only one view, the graphical view and currently you can't change between the different views. And you can also control tracking protection from within the addon, infact this addon takes over the tracking protection setting. There's also no button I saw that lets you share your data with Mozilla, as is stated in the privacy policy. I would really like this addon to work like in the above pictures, but it doesn't, currently. I'm gonna keep an eye for updates hoping this will be fixed!

    From what I've read and understood the dev team for this addon is very small, as a result development is pretty slow.
  • 5 étoiles lorsque je pourrai gérer la liste des cookies
  • Cool
  • It is very good but I would be happy, if this goes on Android too...
  • L'unico neo manca la traduzione dall'inglese all'italiano
  • Spy made in Mozilla.
  • A fantastic visual for just how much 'watching'/ data collection is going on, passively or actively. Remember you are the product usually, unless you choose not to be. 5 Stars for simplicity in awareness.
  • I do not understand the images or what to do with the information
  • Un être averti en vaut 2
  • I am sick to death of adverts and when I make a comment in some newspaper I have noticed they have been into my site as orders I have made online then appear on the newspaper! Example:If I order a pair of shoes, those shoes appear ON THE NEWSPAPER COMMENTS PAGE! Clearly it has tracked me. Its what I want stopped as find it very annoying I can't order something without the world knowing about it.
  • respect de la vie privé
  • Good