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  • Superb extension! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanx!
  • Amazingly useful. Been waiting for this for a long time!
  • This is amazingly helpful. Many thanks! Renders JSON right in the browser, just like it says!
  • Very useful plugin! :)
  • So my particular web app surfaces JSON responses with content-type: text/html. I know, that's not cool and we shouldn't do it, but I don't always have control over such things... Would be nice if there was some "view as JSON" button I could click somewhere.
  • Great extension, would be perfect if it could also handle jsonp encapsulation and displaying.
  • Hi, thanks for the great tools!

    As for most of situations, I use the Firebug to catch server responses (which are JSON format data), and I hardly found a Firefox extension to parse them. If this tool has a popup in which JSON data can be filled in and parsed, that would be wonderful.
    Li Jun, could you please file that as a feature request on the Google Code project for JSONView? I'd love to be able to figure out exactly what you'd need.
  • Great tool to speed up development of our REST JSON services. Eliminates the need to save a file each time, open it, and copy the contents to a desktop JSON viewer.
  • I gave it a shot on the JSON I'm using for client-server communications, and there were no problems. So I'd say this does what it says it does.
  • Great addon for every web developer.
  • This is great now that I'm working more with a web service that we're converting to work with JSON. Lightweight and simple, and does just what it says; my favorite type of plug-in. Looking forward for local *.json file support.
  • awesome!
  • Great tool for visualizing json returns. Does everything you'd want, and nothing you don't. What more could you want?
  • Though it's clear that this extension is brand new, it already provides wonderful functionality and usability for reading JSON documents. It's wonderful!
  • Doesn't detect all valid json files but otherwise just works as expected. Will be a real eye-strain saver.
    a_kurogane, I'd love it if you would send me links to JSON documents that it doesn't detect (please file them in the issue tracker for the project on Google Code) - I'd like to make sure all valid JSON documents get formatted!
  • Works like a charm, kind of reminds the way how Firefox handles XML documents without stylesheets.

    It would be nice if this addon could also support viewing JSONP
  • Excellent add-on.
  • verry usefful addon. It would be nice to see it in action along firebug (a tab in firebug where you can view the JSON of a request)
    Firebug support is something I want too - which is good news, because it's in the next version of Firebug! We just need to wait for it to get released.
  • Works beautifully. One thing that would be nice would be to be able to change a setting that would format HTTP results that DIDN'T have the "content-type" set to "application/json".
  • Extremely helpful! Thanks!
  • magical, you're a hero

    take the REST of the day off.
  • Love it! Thanks for taking the time develop it.
  • This is simply THE RAD! Thanks for takign the time to build this useful tool. No more random tmp files on my desktop.
  • At last some found a time to write it. Thanks a lot.
  • Love it! A real time-saver.

    I wish I could customize the font so I could fit more on the page.