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  • Great extension!
  • Very usefull addon for developers of AJAX/REST services.
  • Thank you so very much !
  • Beautiful; simple small plugin that does its job as expected, allowing us to do our jobs easier. Great work!
  • Great addon. I would like to see it handle this mime type as well, because some people seem to use it: text/x-json
  • Brilliant! Really saves a lot of time.
  • Find myself working with JSON more and more, this has made my life a little easier, thanks! :)
  • Great! n___n
  • Great! n___n
  • Great plugin! I just found out that we went sending the correct header output with our json. Now everything look fantastic!
  • Awesome
  • Useful (especially since firebug 1.5 crashes firefox on linux x64), but weird behavior on values of type string with line feeds inside (and possibly the other control characters which are escaped in json, range U+0000 through U+001F - did not test).
    Bug occurs when line feeds are escaped with the two-characters sequence %x5c %x64, not the six-chars sequence U+000A.
    Symptom: display is correct until the line feed, then the rest of the json doc is not displayed.
    I don't know what people expect as display for line feed (just ignore it?), but the rest of the document should be displayed anyway.
    As a suggestion, there's another json addon out there that displays line feeds as the ascii representation of the escaping sequence, "\n"...
    Cpt_Igloo, please file a bug at http://code.google.com/p/jsonview/issues/list and I'll take a look at your problem.
  • The reviews posted below (Archon810 and tgilbert328) are misleading. When serving json you should send a Content-type: application/json header for the extension to detect the json.

    It might be useful for the addon to have an option to detect json in responses incorrectly sent as text/html or otherwise, when the developer can't control the content type of the JSON to be read.

    5 stars from me - makes JSON easy!
  • Love the concept, but as john2496 says, we need a way to tell your add-in that the text we receive is json, even if its sent as text.

    In my ajax programming, I will often use callbacks and eval the text response. When I drop the url into FF, it comes back as text, not .json.
  • Very useful, but it only formats json data if the file is a .json.
  • Simple and useful.
  • Its nice to think on a firefox addon and find it as soon as you first try to guess its name!
    This is great for web developers.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Nicely done.
  • Simpre y atractivo... esta muy bueno este complemento, se los recomiendo
  • This is a nice add on. But it would be good if it could also support JSONP. That would be a big plus.
  • Nice and simple. Works exactly the way it should and i love the expand collapse and pretty print/color coding.
  • Simple and very helpful. Thank you so much!
  • Great great tool! You made my REST-programming day!
  • It's marvelous when you get an extension that does something really well - and this extension handles a very wide variety of JSON really well. Excellent. Time-saving.
  • Thanks man! This is what I have been looking for a loooong time!