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  • Currently it doesn't handle responses with text/javascript :( (see: http://alperkan.at which is a personal json feed which supports JSONP as well)
    text/javascript is not JSON
  • My son also approves this. He additionally says it is one of the best things on the web.
  • Fantastic add-on. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • I've been using this plugin for a few weeks and I stopped using it when I realized that it cannot display 64 bit numbers without losing precision (it actually took me several hours to realize this because I thought it was a bug in my application, grr). Most of the json I deal with includes a 64 bit long 'id' field, so I really need those numbers to be displayed correctly. I felt compelled to go to the JSONView github page to file an issue but it turns out I'm not the only one who has run into this problem. It seems that the author has no intention of fixing this bug because javascript cannot support 64 bit longs. So, beware this plugin if your json files have 64 bit longs in them!
    See https://github.com/bhollis/jsonview/issues/21
  • Simple and straightforward - an essential tool for web developers.
  • It doesn't quite load all JSON documents. For example, the one that Rotten Tomatoes API sends.
  • It improves FireFox basic voew of JSON, but it would be great if it could pin point the location and type of the error
  • Work perfectly!
  • Works like a dream!
  • It works perfectly. Highly recommended.
  • Great add-on. Was looking for something like that for a while. Had to use 3rd party websites and now it simply works on my browser with no effort. Thank you.
  • Great tool for visualizing json returns.
  • Pretty JSON in the browser! Great!
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do: prettifies JSON in browser. Comes in very handy for testing APIs :)
  • Excellent Plugin. Makes life so much simpler reading JSON
  • If you are a person that frequently interacts with JSON content, then get this plugin now. Very handy!
  • This plugin is good, yet it might include to upload some images when the links to them appear in the text fields. Other json viewer does it.
  • Ну очень хорошее))
  • Works great! Thanks for the handy tool.
  • Life saver!!
  • It's a great plugin. Fast and useful.

    To make it perfect, it only needs triangle indicators instead of + and -. It's a little bit difficult to grasp where the indicators are. Maybe you could add a fast slide animation to make it easier for the eyes to follow where the content goes. Especially since the page jumps when I minify a block. I also think that there could a a more prominent indicator for hidden content (take a look at sublime text).
  • It works perfect in any FF version!
    A must have for developers.
  • While other add-ons have come and gone, this one has stayed put in my FF since I installed it. It has never bugged me in any way, and I miss having its functionality when I use other browsers.
  • Nice!! Thanks!

    Do you know how we can include other mime types in addition to "application/json"? Trouble is, I have the JSON object coming in as "application/x-ccm+json". Any idea?

    Great job though! Good luck!
  • Anyone that uses JSON needs to install this plugin, it gives you on hand access to well formatted json from anywhere!