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  • thanks!
  • Great addon, thanks.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it very well.
  • Does the job well!

    Feature request: Please add a button to "Copy Plain JSON Text to Clipboard", so that I don't have to save the JSON file just to get the plain JSON Text.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
  • Great Extension! Simply perfect! Except: Please, don't unquote object member names. I'd like to know, if the JSON I'm seeing properly quotes keys.
    If the keys aren't quoted properly, JSONView will show a parser error. Try it!
  • Just worked!
  • Just what I need.
  • One of the essential add-ons for web developer. Does not require restart, which is also a plus.
  • не хватает отключаемой нумерации строк
    не хватает кнопки для отключения плагина для текущей вкладки.
  • Gives me 1 less reason to move to Chrome :)
  • Perfecto. Visualiza JSON de forma legible para humanos, ni más ni menos.
  • Does precisely as specified, nothing more, nothing less. Great.
  • I was looking for exactly this addon--although Firefox displays JSON text, it doesn't format it. This makes JSON files so much easier to read and navigate!
  • work very well
  • Does what it promises!
  • Thank you very much for this brilliant idea :)
  • Does everybody know that this extension makes an excellent workaround to Mozilla's incompatible-with-itself .json/html bookmark system?
    If you try to import a .json file that you foolishly thought would be accepted by your new Firefox install, you'll know how badly Mozilla shot itself, and us, in the foot. [If you try, your present bookmarks will be replaced by the .json'ed bookmarks!!! Doh!]
    Yes, there is a workaround, involving creation of a new profile [come on rover, just jump through these ten more hoops!!

    You can save yourself most of that work by using JSONView to open the .json, then manually transfer URL's to firefox [open URL, Ctrl+D to install as new bookmark].
    Thanks Ben, for saving me from Mozilla.
  • The version 0.8 info says it is compatible with Firefox 4 and later. JSONs stopped loading in Firefox 5.01 after the automatic update to JSONView 0.8. I reinstalled JSONView 0.7 and now they are loading again.
    Thanks for the bug report - I've refiled it here: https://github.com/bhollis/jsonview/issues/71

    Your Firefox is probably just too old for this newer JSONView.
  • I noticed today I had installed this a few years ago when I saw someone else I showed JSON didn't have it. It allows me to see JSON responses naturally, and it's so flawless and seamless I didn't even notice it was there. Good job, Ben!

    (As far as I'm concerned, this should be integrated into Firefox Core!)
  • Nice Tool
  • It doesn't handle responses with text/json
    The correct MIME type is application/json.
  • 如果json格式错误,没有任何反应,要是能直接指出哪个地方有错,就太好了。
  • Currently it doesn't handle responses with text/javascript :( (see: http://alperkan.at which is a personal json feed which supports JSONP as well)
    text/javascript is not JSON
  • My son also approves this. He additionally says it is one of the best things on the web.