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  • The display looks great, and works great. The problem is that it refreshes the page so Firebug does not show the original request and response. You can turn on "persistence" and see the response in the Firebug history, but *NO* other plugin requires that to be done.

    Also Firebug will recognise JSON even if the delivered content-type is wrong, while this plugin does not. That may be considered a design feature, but I think it needs an override or option so I can tell it, "yes, this IS JSON, even if the server doesn't say so".

    If that one drawback can be resolved, then it gets full marks.
  • Works like a charm!
  • Really saved time, copy pasting the json was real pain before :)
  • При великих обємах JSON-а (>1000-і обєктів) видає ерори, в хромі все ок.
  • Цветовое выделение, возможность сворачивать узлы.
  • Works as a good Json viewer should.
  • ... and needed, thank you.
  • Better view to yours JSON pages.
  • Does what it says. Thanks!
  • awesome~
  • Thank you so much! I really love your add-on!
  • The add-on works great for almost all the browser But lately. for 14.04 LTS Ubuntu it is not working since the last 2-3 versions of the Firefox.
    Could you please look into this.
  • Hi! First I want to say that your plugin is very good! Congratulations!

    I would, like to suggest some new feature for your plugin.
    I think you should format the JSON wrapping the data in html tags and allow the user to attach a css file in the plugin configuration page.
    This way, the user can configure fonts, colors and maybe icons to the json elements.

    Someting like this:

    "property1" : "foo2",
    "property2" : "foo2",
    "array" : [ // The bracket is in the same line
    "json" : "viewer"

    // Some people prefer this
    "foo" :
    { // The bracket is in a new line
    "property1" : "foo2",
    "property2" : "foo2",
    "array" :
    [ // The bracket is in a new line
    "json" : "viewer"
  • The key names appear in an ugly bold though..
  • a file that contains more than one section of json isn't a valid json document, so this won't parse it, and the author believes he is correct in not handling such 'unvalid' files because they contain more than one json document.
  • The option about "Alernate Json content types" , My configuration is "application/json,text/html",when i visited the json-data about "Content-Type:text/html",the browser cannot changed the content
    HTML is pretty important to the browser, so you can't re-map it to go to JSONView.
  • It would be more perfect if the font style can be personalized OR the style would be like FeHelper in Chrome.
  • Makes json documents very readable. Documents usually load very quickly, but when you start to use 8MB+ files, it takes a while to load. While it can take a while for very large json documents to load in Firefox, the document isn't sluggish when being viewed (as apposed to using Chrome).
  • Tiny nice tools, just works as supposed.
  • Great addon. Quickly changes a page of flat JSON to a tree view.
  • I like this collapsed feature...
  • I really love your work!
    I also have a one feature request that would make it blow any other viewer:
    Many json files consist of same repeating schema - it would be nice if you could filter. I.e: you type: "@id" and you get all id fields from json
    or you type "id=123" and it displays all subobjects where id=123
  • Good and useful extension but relative links not being shown as links but text. In particular I have links starting with "/" in reference to the root level. All are shown as text. However I'm giving you 5 starts for your excellent work.
  • It's EXCELLENT!!!
  • Exactly what I wanted