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  • Better view to yours JSON pages.
  • Does what it says. Thanks!
  • awesome~
  • Thank you so much! I really love your add-on!
  • The add-on works great for almost all the browser But lately. for 14.04 LTS Ubuntu it is not working since the last 2-3 versions of the Firefox.
    Could you please look into this.
  • Hi! First I want to say that your plugin is very good! Congratulations!

    I would, like to suggest some new feature for your plugin.
    I think you should format the JSON wrapping the data in html tags and allow the user to attach a css file in the plugin configuration page.
    This way, the user can configure fonts, colors and maybe icons to the json elements.

    Someting like this:

    "property1" : "foo2",
    "property2" : "foo2",
    "array" : [ // The bracket is in the same line
    "json" : "viewer"

    // Some people prefer this
    "foo" :
    { // The bracket is in a new line
    "property1" : "foo2",
    "property2" : "foo2",
    "array" :
    [ // The bracket is in a new line
    "json" : "viewer"
  • The key names appear in an ugly bold though..
  • a file that contains more than one section of json isn't a valid json document, so this won't parse it, and the author believes he is correct in not handling such 'unvalid' files because they contain more than one json document.
  • The option about "Alernate Json content types" , My configuration is "application/json,text/html",when i visited the json-data about "Content-Type:text/html",the browser cannot changed the content
    HTML is pretty important to the browser, so you can't re-map it to go to JSONView.
  • It would be more perfect if the font style can be personalized OR the style would be like FeHelper in Chrome.
  • Makes json documents very readable. Documents usually load very quickly, but when you start to use 8MB+ files, it takes a while to load. While it can take a while for very large json documents to load in Firefox, the document isn't sluggish when being viewed (as apposed to using Chrome).
  • Tiny nice tools, just works as supposed.
  • Great addon. Quickly changes a page of flat JSON to a tree view.
  • I like this collapsed feature...
  • I really love your work!
    I also have a one feature request that would make it blow any other viewer:
    Many json files consist of same repeating schema - it would be nice if you could filter. I.e: you type: "@id" and you get all id fields from json
    or you type "id=123" and it displays all subobjects where id=123
  • Good and useful extension but relative links not being shown as links but text. In particular I have links starting with "/" in reference to the root level. All are shown as text. However I'm giving you 5 starts for your excellent work.
  • It's EXCELLENT!!!
  • Exactly what I wanted
  • thanks!
  • Great addon, thanks.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it very well.
  • Does the job well!

    Feature request: Please add a button to "Copy Plain JSON Text to Clipboard", so that I don't have to save the JSON file just to get the plain JSON Text.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
  • Great Extension! Simply perfect! Except: Please, don't unquote object member names. I'd like to know, if the JSON I'm seeing properly quotes keys.
    If the keys aren't quoted properly, JSONView will show a parser error. Try it!
  • Just worked!