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  • Great add-on, works as expected.
  • Great add-on. Works perfectly and is well maintained across Firefox versions
  • Go from key:value soup, to structured JSON in less than a second.
    Works as advertised!
  • some site not work
  • Thank you for a great extension, and thanks for making it easy to add new content types (I needed "application/vnd.api+json"). Didn't even have to restart. I've just build a json API for an important government dataset, and you've helped.
  • Thank you for it!
  • good job congratulations!!
  • Installed in under 5 seconds on winXP .
    Worked out of the box,presenting jason in the best way i ve seen in a browser.:)
    Biggy thanks!!
  • Great to see such high quality work. Thank you for it.
  • Extensions like JSONView are the reason why I use Firefox! Thanks to Ben Hollis and Mozilla for their work.
  • Clean and fast - without mistakes.

    I want to open a page that has JSON, and thanks to the add-on, you can just load the page and it will be a collapsible/expandable and well-formatted structure.
  • Works perfectly
  • It just simply works and look nice.
  • Works as it should.
  • nice add on
  • Simple, nice
  • Works perfectly :)
  • This add-on works so seamlessly that I often forget that the feature isn't built directly into Firefox. If you work with JSON files, you need this add-on.
  • Could you add Electrolysis compatibility to your really awesome Firefox addon ? Electrolysis seems to go into the next major FF release and thus a huge bunch of addons must use a new API in order to continue to work.
  • Great job. This add-on make easy life.
  • Anwendung :
    Wollte die addon speed dial json datenbank ansehen/auswerten.
    Mit JSONView kein Problem.
  • I've been using the Chrome version of this extension for a few years. Today I learned that version is an outdated copy of this extension. This version for Firefox includes bugfixes (or never had the same bugs) and features that the Chrome one does not.
  • The display looks great, and works great. The problem is that it refreshes the page so Firebug does not show the original request and response. You can turn on "persistence" and see the response in the Firebug history, but *NO* other plugin requires that to be done.

    Also Firebug will recognise JSON even if the delivered content-type is wrong, while this plugin does not. That may be considered a design feature, but I think it needs an override or option so I can tell it, "yes, this IS JSON, even if the server doesn't say so".

    If that one drawback can be resolved, then it gets full marks.
  • Works like a charm!
  • Really saved time, copy pasting the json was real pain before :)