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  • verry usefful addon. It would be nice to see it in action along firebug (a tab in firebug where you can view the JSON of a request)
    Firebug support is something I want too - which is good news, because it's in the next version of Firebug! We just need to wait for it to get released.
  • Works beautifully. One thing that would be nice would be to be able to change a setting that would format HTTP results that DIDN'T have the "content-type" set to "application/json".
  • Extremely helpful! Thanks!
  • magical, you're a hero

    take the REST of the day off.
  • Love it! Thanks for taking the time develop it.
  • This is simply THE RAD! Thanks for takign the time to build this useful tool. No more random tmp files on my desktop.
  • At last some found a time to write it. Thanks a lot.
  • Love it! A real time-saver.

    I wish I could customize the font so I could fit more on the page.
  • Finally someone makes this