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  • Good extension! Pop-Up Bubbles are so convenient while I am studying a foreign language.
  • Inline перевод это супер! Было бы здорово если была бы возможность сохранить в файл выделенный фрагмент в который встроился перевод. Спасибо!
    Inline translation is super! It would be great if it were possible to save the selected fragment into the file into which the translation was embedded. Thank you!

    I tried to export to csv, but got not what I needed.
    first problem - text lost formatting and color
    the second - the text is not solid as on a web page and is scattered in cells
    ImTranslator features the Translation History tool, which keeps track of the translation activity in all translation applications, and stored along with the source text. You can export the translation history in .csv format.
  • Breaks FF developer tools with an exception every time I inspect an element which makes dev tools impossible to use. Avoid if you need FF dev tools.
  • Лучший из массы прочих.Использую много лет.
  • muy buena excelente
  • trés bonne extension, traduction instantanée. Mais le cadre de la traduction pop up ,pouvez-vous faire une option pour l'agrandir a la taille de son choix svp? ça manque terriblement.
    Car actuellement on peut juste déplacer le cadre a l'endroit voulu sur l'écran et c'est tout.

    merci d'avance :)