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  • I wish it would translate automatically when I input text. Otherwise it's an amazing add-on.
  • şimdiye kadar kullandığım en başarılı tercüme eklentisi.
  • the inline translation shortcut is broken.

    selected text on a page and hit shortcut will translate selected text (inline) ONLY once. after that no matter what text selected and hit inline translate shortcut again will not work unless page is refreshed.

    however if "Imtranslator icon" on extension toolbar is set to do inline translation, you can select text and manually click that button and it'll inline translate as many times and the clear translation shorcut will work many times too.

    please fix, this is a very big bug as it reduce in efficiency for power users! move mouse, manual click each time is too slow, need short cut for inline translate to work after each translate.
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