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  • I'd love to use it, why not make it available for Windows too? I am sure I am not the only one who'd appreciate this theme ;)
  • Now, if only this worked with Firefox 4!
  • This is a great theme, please update it to work with current version of Firefox 4!
  • We need this for Firefox 4. :<
  • This is a fantastic reworking of Safari for Firefox, and the only theme I use with this browser.

    Now, if only this worked with Firefox 4!
  • FIREFOX 4 ?:(
  • I love this theme. When will it become available for the beta 4?
  • This is the only theme to use for Mac Firefox. I'm skeptical if Firefox 4 will look better.
  • Just discovered this theme and love it!
  • This is by far the most sleekest and stunning theme I have seen for Firefox. A definite for anyone with a Mac!
  • most beautiful theme for mac!!!
  • The best themes there are for firefox!
  • Thoughtfully composed for Mac. A complete theme, not just a color scheme with a handful of tacked-on graphic bits.
  • Truly one of the most beautiful, elegant themes for Firefox. Combines the beauty of Safari with a similar top-tab layout like Safari 4 beta and Chrome.

    I wish the tabs could lay up along the top of the frame along with the window buttons like Safari 4 beta, but I realize that this is a limitation of Firefox's current theme-ing abilities.
  • This is by far the best firefox theme I have seen on the mac (I wish there was a windows 7 glass equivalent on the PC side). His other stuff is good too, but this combines the best of safari and the best of chrome into a great firefox theme. The tab bar behavior is brilliant!
  • Amazing skin! Takes the best looks and features from other browsers and make something totally usefully and unique! One small issue is that the progress bar on the downloads window looks a bit funny since it is static instead of the animated system progress bars. This might be an overall issue with firefox though.
  • amazing thank you so much
  • COOL;
  • All your themes are excellent. The most pro design looking by far.
  • Great addon, looks even better (imho) with http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=6303525#p6303525 and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7670

    Other than that I wished that it would remove the titletext and move the tabs a little to the left and a little to the top in order to save a few more px. But still, great theme on OS X.
  • I love ALL of the GrApple themes, although with Firefox 3.5.1 I've noticed that the bottom status bar isn't thick enough to completely display add-on items that are placed there such as weather/icons/web address.
  • Awesome, just awesome. But there is just a little mistake... it's hard to explain it in english, but I'll try. There is a small line of blank space over the icon of the page at the left of the direction bar (it will be easier to see i you use Fission add-ons). I'm superferfectionist with this kind of things, so please fix it soon.
  • Another master piece! Keep up the excellent work!
  • The perfect theme for Mac Os X with the tabs in the title bar! Every detail seems to fit perfectly with the environment. Thanks..
  • loving it!
    Just hoping that one day there is a "tabs in title-bar" option like chrome to make it even more tidy.