6.758 recensioni
  • Unbelievable Appearance.
    Thank U Firefox
  • Incredibly slow, bloated and basically impossible to use with all the stuff tacked on.
  • Best Addon In This Category , With Online Sync
  • I was just looking for getting a background image on "new-tab". I did search a lot without finding a working solution. I didn't want to install some extension (some of them can look all webs I visit), just to change image. At the end I gave up searching and installed this extension (seems to be trust-worth and recommend by Firefox). It is much more than I was looking for and feel great. Firefox should have a way to be able to just change image, but while it isn't I will recommend this extension, that give you all you need, and more.
  • Excellent, frequently used tabs always there for easy access.
  • I've come back to this addon after two years and it's working without bugs. Minus one star for the thumbnail refreshing window stealing focus which makes refreshing useless since that would disturb any typing much too often.
  • impossibilité de changer le moteur de recherche, alors qu'en moins problématique que bing il y a duck duck go et qwant qui sont beaucoup mieux ...
  • It is super addon
  • The best quick launch bar.
    I use several years.
  • This add-on only has/allows one search engine in its search box, that is yahoo! No Google, Qwant, etc.
  • Love it!
  • DO NOT install this garbage - this company is in the data collection business and they are collecting a lot of it