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  • dead website
  • Still does not work, it appears only a white window ... extension unfortunately useless.
  • The idea and it's supposed to work is good, but... the forex page does not respond anymore.
  • Piece of $h*t does not work at all. It times out. It's junk. Don't bother. If I could give it less than one star I would.
  • Does NOT WORK.!
    Instaed of coverted unit data => BLANK SQUARE bOX.!!!
    Home Page: fxware.com : Not Connecting.
    Either fix it, or, REMOVE IT from available working Addons.
    From previous reviews, I can now see that the Addon is NOT working since more than a year!!!
    I can't say if it's compatibility issue, because I still use an older version of FF, though mozilla's addon page says it's compatible with version 30. (It's not grayed as IN-compatible).
  • EN: The connection is broken.
    The document contains no data.

    HR: Veza je prekinuta.
    Dokument ne sadrži podatke.
  • write "Соединение было сброшено" / "The connection was reset"
  • write "Соединение было сброшено" / "The connection was reset"
  • It was the best converter ever. Simple by just clicking on the prices on the websites instead of typing the price yourself. Too bad it´s dead. I hope someone can create a converter like this one.
  • was a very handy tool, but it seems te be out of order. website is also gone. sad
  • Not working anymore with firefox 32 RC.
    Please update it, the addon was very useful...Thank you.
  • Works effortlessly .. cheers
  • Finally. thank you so much for update it.
  • Please update to Firefox 15 and up.
  • The most effective. Please update to Firefox 15.
  • Whet it will be available for Firefox 4 and up?

    ¿Cuándo estará disponible para Firefox 4 en adelante?
  • First you must download Add-on compatibility reporter, it is an add-on that lets you bring back add-ons that Firefox
    have disabled so you can try them if they work, you can choose which ones you want to use and if they don't work you can disable them, Forex Currency Converter works fine and all conversions are up to date.
  • PLEASE update this addon so it works with Firefox 5, it's one of the most useful addons and I use it on a daily basis. :(
  • Please how I can get it to work in Firefox 5.0.1 I have read that you can get it to work.
    Thanks and forgive my English, if someone can hang the modified installer is appreciated.
  • Hi guys, I am running this successfully in FF4 by editing the maxversion in the install.rdf file. But it's a shame the developers won't do it. Geez it takes less than a minute!!!
  • Firefox 5.0?
  • Сделай для firefox 5!
  • PLEASE can we have a version for Firefox 4 !!!!!!!

    This is the best currency converter by far for pop-up conversion of a single value, generally all you want.

    It perfectly complements ConvertMyCurrency, which automatically converts all recognized currency values on a page. However CMC fails to recognise that $ doesn't always mean greenbacks (eg I am writing from Australia, and often looking at New Zealand ar Canadian sites), or numbers without currency symbols! Forex does not have this problem due to its manual selection of currency conversion, which can be applied to any number on a page, regardless of whether a currency symbol is attached or not.
  • Прекрасно работает и в 4 релизкандидате 2 версии огнелиса. Нужное дополнение для совершения покупок в интернетмагазинах. 5+
  • does its job. just wish there's an option to convert currency with just one click.