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This is so airy and light! A perfect Summer theme. Very pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!

This theme brings back so many memories for me -A bunch of children all sticking these Dandelion heads to their mouths and blowing on them all at once - then watching the soft lovely seeds floating on the breeze - They always looked like they were flying to me.[But I wasn't too smart when I was a kid, lol]

Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Wow! It is incredulous how you can come up with all these different theme ideas! I'm absolutely amazed at your versatility, MystMaker. Have a great weekend!

WOW What a Great Friend You are!

I just love people that take the time to leave multiple comments it show that you really care about what I'm doing - Keeps me on my toes too, lol! But really I'm very glad you like this theme!