Facebook Political Ad Collector 1.6.13

Informativa sulla privacy

May we have your consent?
ProPublica believes in providing transparency about what we do. So before you agree to this download, please take a minute to understand what the extension will do.
What the Extension Does
The extension places content script on every Facebook page you visit. That script scans for ads, which it then stores on your computer. It is intended to show you which political advertisements are appearing in your Facebook news feed and show you political ads that are appearing in other people’s news feeds.
How You Can Help
Whenever you feel like supporting our mission, you can click on the Pro Publica icon on your browser bar and a pop-up window will appear. The window will display advertisements in your news feed that might be political ads and requests that you help categorize them.
Information We Will Receive
Our server, which may be located outside of Germany, will receive clean, identifier-free html of the ads, the ads’ Facebook identifiers, and demographic targeting parameters (e.g., people ages 18 and over who live in Germany), their classification (Political or Non Political), and your browser’s language setting. Your name, Facebook ID and other data such as IP address or cookies in your browser are not stored. We will never receive information about what ads you have or have not seen. We have otherwise made every effort to ensure the extension will not collect data that could be used to identify you individually.
What We Will Do With the Information
We plan to publish a public database of all the political ads that we collect using this extension. This is an effort ot make political messaging more transparent. We will also feed the ads we receive into our algorithm to help it learn to identify political ads.

What if I Want to Withdraw my Consent?
By installing the plug-in, I confirm that the data mentioned above, as well as my categorization of advertisements as political, may be used in the context of this project.

You can stop participating in this project at any time by uninstalling the extension. On deactivation or uninstallation of the plug-in, no further data will be sent.

Questions, Concerns or Suggestions? Please contact us at: adcollector@propublica.org

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