Faulty Version Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

This latest version does not work in Firefox. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the clipper still would not launch. I installed the previous version, and everything seems to be working very well.

功能不错,赞一个先 Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

对比着用,和onenote clipper对比,真的好很多。

Corrupt File - Will NOT Install in FireFox Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

It is a wonderful add on, but to get the developer's attention I am giving a poor rating. The file on the web server is defective.

works with cookies Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

go to
> options
> privacy
> click "Exceptions..."
> add "https://evernote.com"
> allow
> save changes
works for me

不能使用的安装以前的版本, Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle


Same problem as okapi Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

This doesn't work with Firefox

The problem is simple and still not solved Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

Whatever browser you use, you have to log in to your Evernote account first.
While add-ons for Chrome and Safari are opening a web form for logging in, the firefox extension just opens an empty tab or an empty window, depending on the settings for Firefox (or extensions like Tab Mix Plus).

In order to get the Evernote Clipper for Firefox to work you first have to go to: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action and log in to your account.
This action will set a cookie for Evernote Web Clipper, making it work. After that, you should not delete the cookies.

The problem that seems to exist with Firefox Web Clipper is the fact that it doesn't automatically connect with https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action when clicked. One has to do that manually. Strangely, Evernote was not able to fix this for such a long time.

It is not work Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

It is not work

Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle


This is how I got the Evernote clipper to work! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I was experiencing exactly the same issue as everyone else with the authentication problem. I resolved this by adding an 'Exception' rule for Cookies within Firefox. Open up the FireFox Options screen, click on 'Privacy' in the left hand menu, click on the 'Exceptions' button that is on this page, add the address of the website - https://evernote.com - give it an 'allow' status, click 'Save Changes'. Once I had done this, closed and restarted the Firefox browser. Clicked on the Evernote icon in the top toolbar, entered my Evernote credentials, and it worked straight away. The red dot is no longer there and clipping works brilliantly!

Doesn't work anymore Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Icon has a red dot. After login with credentials of evernote this function is not usable anymore. Short popup screen which disappears immediately. Sad situation!

doesn't work for china edition(印象笔记) Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

doesn't work for china edition(印象笔记)

terrible: doesn't work !! Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

add-in doesnt work (in firefox); how should I clip into evernote?

& evernote printer-driver does not exist although requested for years by thousands of users: really bad management-decision!

Use to work flawlessly ... unbelievable from a serious company to issue a non-working release Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

How is it possible to see so much issues in a mature product. We are in 2017, even Windows is stable.
Web clipper opens up a white tab without any login request. The elephant is showing unlogged.
No use of the application.

Funktioniert nicht Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Nach Klick auf das Symbol öffnet sich nur kurz ein Popup und verschwindet wieder

login failed Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Can't login

Used to like it but... Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

... since weeks, it pops up "advises" randomly on pages and systematically on pdf, despite the opting out (hidden in the prefrences).
Without any move from evernote the only posibility is to uninstall the trespasser.

Installation fails Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

I have tried to install Evernote web clipper randomly since 3 month. It always fails.

'The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.'

Love it (premium v.) works fine Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

It works fine for me, love it. Can't wait to get more templates for notes, integration with google sheet, cloud/offline DB query/report!?

Doesn't work Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Nothing works.