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  • A great idea to save life on this planet
  • Firefox + Ecosia is the best browsing experience ever and also good for the environment at the same time. Ecosia doesn't sell you searches and also they plant a tree for your searches, helping you and the world become a better place at the same time.
  • ottimo perchè firefox lo esclude
  • I really appreciate the functionality and ease of use that this extension provides since it makes the search bar default to Ecosia, making searching with this engine less of a task. Though, it'd be really nice if this extension was a little smaller (digital size).
  • L'anti-Google par excellence ! Européenne, efficace, pas intrusive, sûre, et de plus protège la planète. Que souhaiter de plus ! Merci Ecosia !
  • J'utilise Ecosia depuis 4 ans. C'est vraiment le moteur de recherche de référence pour la plantation d'arbres et donc de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique !