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  • Eine tolle Idee mit entsprechender Durchführung.
    Wir sind begeistert und werden Euch an jeden weiterempfehlen
  • Great idea :D
  • if it is true what they claim --> just incredible
    But the search results are quite different from what I am used to
  • Seamless experience, wonderful integration, no stealing or selling of data, and just all round great design . 5-star.
  • Eine weitere ebenso einfache wie fantastische Möglichkeit, etwas für unsere Umwelt und die Zukunft dieses tatsächlich einzigartigen Planeten zu tun.
  • j'adore. Trop bonne idée pour aider notre planète....
  • The world desperately needs more thoughtful, Eco-friendly innovation and development like this! I'm already telling everyone I know about this! Can you imagine if every search was done using Ecosia how much CO2 we could reduce from the atmosphere? It seems like more people need to know about this and fast! This is one of the best ideas i have seen yet to help with Climate change. Most crucially, because of it's simplistic function, the average person makes little to no sacrifice, and are still able to help the cause everyday. This is the kind of thing even the most unmotivated person can do without even trying, because its something they're always doing anyway. Globally, people of all walks of life are using search engines countless times a day at home, at work, and literally anywhere their phones get reception. The idea of working an environmental benefit into such a common and necessary part of our lives is just the kind of innovative business model the Earth & her people need more of! The faster the better! Thank you Ecosia, for showing the world that fighting climate change can be worked into everyday life, woven into almost any industry, and that even when it takes little effort from the individual, it can leave them with a good feeling, knowing they helped in a small way.
    WIN! WIN! WIN! Am I right? lol Great Work Team!!!! A+++