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  • Works. But doesn't work on shitty resources like flickr. So, in fact, it works only on sites where "save image as" available.
    I'm not sure if the correlation is 100%, but you're right in that it will definitely work if "save image as" is available, and when it isn't, it'll be uncertain. I think there used to be code that looked for images more agressively so it would work more often, but then it started making virtually everything downloadable (page backgrounds, buttons, etc), which was horribly annoying too. 10/10 very fair review. :)
  • When Mozilla allows you, Please make it work so that it remembers the last destination that you have downloaded to, so that when you click the button then the save as dialog appears with the last download location. In that way you have to only click 2 times(or one click and enter) to save an image.
  • Great work, works well and basic customization options, which give it a nice touch.
  • Unfortunately the project seem to be dead. Developer not updating and not looking at project page anymore :( I wish someone would take it and continue the work!
    A resurrection after few months is very nice even if it is the result of a bad rating!
    This addons works just fine and has the most important things it needs (and then some - I already find it too bloated compared to my original vision for it). I don't think it's fair of you to rate the addon itself lowly just because I don't implement all the non-essential extra fluff people open up request tickets on gitlab for. Ratings are supposed to indicate/be based on the quality of the addon as it is right now, not be used as a knife to put pressure on devs to add extra features you want. If it works fine for its intended use and has some extra bells and whistles, you can't justify 1 star.
  • That only problem is who the addon save the images with incorrect extension
  • It is a very good extension ,it dose what is suppose to do double clik and saves a imge ,but a problem why dose the extension saves the imges as image.PHP i have to rename the images to image.jpg later not nice
  • very handy and no hassles, it works
  • Simple, and works great.
  • Please make images without extension be saved as .jpg. An example of a site with images without extension: https://www.kinopoisk.ru/news/3293122/
  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • You should really explain why. I know there are issues with it, but the essentials work fine.
  • Thank you Marnes. I tried Double Click way back, I guess it got lost in all the updating going on. Anyway, since my gallery downloader is now almost useless, I was looking at other ways to get a series of images, dreading doing Save As until my fingers bled, when I noticed this gem was still around, although with recent Firefox updates it seems to be fighting the tide to stay alive.

    Anyway, it just made my afternoon and evening so much more productive, I haven't lost my sanity, and my fingers aren't bleeding. Also, loved your replies to people in the reviews that blame you when it's Firefox changes that upset some of Double Clicks features.

    I've had issues with the Hover Button positioning on some direct images, but it's been mentioned at Gitlab and you said you might look into it if time allows. The bottom line is that your time and effort is appreciated by some of us, so 5 stars all the way. Thank you.
    Glad you like it so much and thanks for the kind words. I do wish I had more time and energy to work on my addons, but work has been so draining for me the last 2 years I just can't do what I have to do anymore. I'm not sure when I'll ever get around to fixing all the issues with DID anymore, even though it's honestly sinking below my own quality demands by now.