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Do not track me and Mask me seem not to be working together. Support was not able to resolve, if it was not for this, I would give this 5 stars.

Hi Michael -- Why are DNTMe and MaskMe not working together? Have you tried to sync your information in MaskMe and uninstall and reinstall the products? I would first try that and let me know if it's successful!

Good but you need to mind it Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

I use email masks and it does exactly what it promises. I do have to keep in mind which sites are worth sharing email addresses and which aren't. Important websites don't get my masked emails - simply because you don't know when a product will go into pooper. Otherwise it is good and recommended for any savvy internet user.

Hi Cubancigar11 -- Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying DNTMe!

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Love this Add-on. Does what it says it will. Have had none of the problems others describe.Agree it Would be nice to have DNTM and Mask Me integrated.

Hi Violet4Kat -- Thanks for your feedback! And good news -- we're currently in the process of integrating MaskMe and DNTMe with each other. Within the next few months that will be an option!

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The toolbar icon does nothing when clicked, the settings just take me to an absolutely useless and poorly made FAQ-page and it isn't blocking a single tracker as the toolbar icon always shows a "0" in front of the DNTMe-symbol.

Hello WhiteLink --please email me olivia at abine dot com and I will send you the link to the proper DNTMe build. I do apologize for the inconvenience

Awful awful awful Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

First, after installing DoNotTrackMe I am unable to log into my utility company website. I keep getting "Session Expired" error messages when I try to log in. Second, the DoNotTrackMe button on Firefox toolbar does not work. Nothing happens when I click it. Nada! Third, when I go to Mozilla Add-ons Manager --> DoNotTrackMe and click Options button, instead of viewing setup options I am taken to a Support page with all of Abine's products on it. So, I have to figure out what version of DoNotTrackMe is installed and remember to click on the hyperlink that is appropriate for my version. How stupid! I finally make it to the support page, which is not a support page as much as it is a FAQ page. Totally unhelpful because it has no answer to any question remotely covering the issue: "HELP! MY DoNotTrackMe TOOLBAR BUTTON DOES NOT WORK!" So, at this point I'm still trying to figure out how to change the options because, after all, I did click on the Options button but alas, I'm at a useless FAQ page that offers no help at all. So now, I notice a Log In button at the top of the support page, and as I am already an Abine user (MaskMe) I attempt to log in, to which the website replies, "Sorry! This website is for users with DoNotTrackMe accounts. Are you looking to log in to your MaskMe account? Log in here." My answer is emphatically NO I DO NOT WANT TO LOG INTO MY MASKME ACCOUNT I WANT TO FIX THE OPTIONS IN DONOTTRACKME THAT HAVE CAUSED IT TO STOP FUNCTIONING AND PREVENTING ME TO LOG IN TO PAY MY UTILITY BILL." So, instead I attempt to register using my Abine credentials, to which the website replies, "Sorry! It looks like you already have a MaskMe account. Unfortunately, some features only work for users who have never used MaskMe before. Learn more." WTF?!?! So I click on Learn more and I learn that Abine does not integrate its products, which have overlapping features, that DoNotTrackMe is superior to MaskMe and that Abine considers MaskMe to be a beta product. Beta? Are you kidding me? The version of MaskMe is 1.4 and does not contain the letters "beta." MaskMe has got tons of my credentials stored, tons of my masked emails! And it's considered beta?! WTF why did I not know this? It is now that I learn that none of my masked emails can be migrated to the "superior" product, DoNotTrackMe, and that support for storing credentials on MaskMe is going away and that OH BY THE WAY ONE OF YOUR OPTIONS IS TO DELETE YOUR MASKME ACCOUNT IN WHICH CASE ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE DESTROYED.

So now, I have a DoNotTrackMe that does not work, the button on my toolbar is unresponsive, and, worse, is blocking me from being able to log in and pay my utility bill and, even worse yet, I have masked emails and passwords stored in MaskMe, which is a beta product. So now, it seems I have no choice: I must remove all Abine products completely. It will be difficult to take all of those masked emails and passwords and migrate them to another place. Very difficult! I have absolutely no confidence in this company. It's as though it is run by a bunch of teenagers. Really, what company would EVER take such a cavalier attitude toward peoples' private data, or even create a "superior" product with much of the same features, yet not provide a way to migrate user data from one product to the other, to build user interfaces that are so confusing and convoluted, and to make changes in how it conducts business without much consideration to how its users are impacted?

Hello -- The unresponsive DNTMe icon can be fixed with an uninstall and reinstall of DNTme. However, the link that is needed to install the proper build is currently sitting in the Firefox queue waiting to be approved. Until then, you will need to obtain the link from Abine directly. Please feel free to email me olivia at abine dot com if you'd like the link to our product. To see the version of DNTme that you currently have installed, you could find this from your extensions page of Firefox ( tools>addons>extensions).

We are currently working to integrate the two products, DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe together, for we realize it's confusing and pointless to have two products with overlapping features. This will be available within the next month or so.

As a small startup company, we have not always had the clearest path. As of 6 months ago, DNTMe was solely used as a tracker blocker. We then decided that the MaskMe features were valuable enough to be included in DNTMe and added the features from MaskMe to DNTMe. We're well aware that it makes for an extremely confusing user experience, so we are working to combine the two products.

Our support page is compromised of our FAQ's as well as an option to email or chat with our support team. Click here if you'd like to see those options: Our support staff would have been happy to help you out with these issues you were having.

I do apologize for the inconvenience we have caused.

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This add-on works great! The service behind the add-on is well worth the price tag. I highly recommend this service and add-on for anyone interested in protecting their online presence.

Hello UserZero -- thanks so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

Annoying medals Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

I've had this since version 28 and now it's getting even more annoying. I have the gimmicky medals turned off and they still show every time I click on the icon. The drop-down/pop-up is obnoxiously big as well. I have updated to their newest version as well. Contemplating removing. The newer version places the abine marque in every password field for you email/password. By the time I've left clicked through three menus I could type my email address in by hand. Ghostery seems like a better blocker, although they don't offer a email masker. Currently, that is the only reason I keep abine's add-on.

Appreciate your reply. The fact the popup notification shows doesn't bother me. It's the updated version that changed and now shows a row of medals on it every time. I'm not a third grader that needs to see this kind of thing..just what's been blocked. Also, I'm impressed with the fact that you don't delete reviews that aren't totally in your favor like all the other add-on developers.

L’utente ha un commento precedente su questo componente aggiuntivo.

Hello Dolamite. You can turn off the tracker notification popup by clicking your DNTMe icon, clicking settings, and unselecting "Show tracker notification on every page" beneath preferences. To turn off the DNTMe icon in each field, please email support at abine dot com

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I like it. It seems to be doing the job and there are no performance issues that I know of

Hi Tampajoe -- thanks for reviewing DoNotTrackMe! We appreciate your feedback.

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This app completely stopped working when the new firefox came out. Click on the icon and nothing happens. Have tried reloading several times. In addition, the new firefox is *super* slow!!

Hi aseymour -- so sorry about that. Please email me at olivia at abine dot com for the direct install link.

So.Many.Trackers! Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

Easy to use, nice features and very helpful! Very eye-opening! Honestly had no idea there were so many trackers out there!

Hi mykey -- great! Thanks so much for reviewing us. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying DNTMe. It is rather shocking to see the number of companies who track you!

Do Not Track has stopped functioning Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

Upgraded to FF 30.0 and DNT stopped working. Removed and reinstall - still not working. The add-on stays orange with a + inside and a blue square background. Clicking it does nothing.

Hi FlushIE -- so sorry about that. Please email me : olivia at abine dot com and I will give you a link to install DNTMe that will function properly on Firefox 30.

Do Not Track has stopped functioning Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

DNTM doesn't work anymore. This app stopped working properly a couple weeks ago. It doesn't track period anymore-nothing happens as a previous reviewer stated. I've had this app for months and it worked great previously. It doesn't matter which browser I use either, Firefox or Chrome.

Hi Max -- please email me: and I can assist you further. Typically this issue will be fixed with an uninstall and reinstall, but I'm surprised to hear it stopped working on both Firefox and Chrome. I do apologize for that but I'm confident we can get DNTMe back up and running!

Great review! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I LOVE this add-on. Helps me so much with spam emails, can't say enough good things about it!


Thanks Rebecca! Glad to hear you're getting a lot out of it! :)

Broken spamware, stay away Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Like the previous reviewers, this plugin has recently taken over my entire browser. Pasting its logo and plugging the services of Abine on every website you visit.

Posted a support request, but no reply. Recommend staying away.


Hello Zach,

If you read more about my review, you might not be so condescending, as lack of knowledge of the mentioned wares are not applicable to your faulty software. I refer you to my extensive bug report, and reminds other readers, that it is NOT TRUE, that the pasted Abine logos can be disabled.

When this add-on is installed on Firefox 30+, a clickable Abine logo will appear in any and all <input> fields online. Whether you disable the premium services or not.

In some cases this external input triggers security alarms. An otherwise secure form in my online bank was edited by Abine, leading to an IP-block from all banking services.

All the best,

thanks for your feedback

Hi again -- I do apologize that that response was condescending. The issue you're describing is in fact a bug, and I apologize that Zach overlooked that. If you email me (Olivia at abine dot com), I will provide you with a link to DNTMe that will fix these icons being in the input fields. So sorry about that!


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I don't recommend this. It will take over.

how can we help?

Hi Jaybah,

Since your review isn't very detailed, it's hard to understand your issue and help you resolve it. I would love to help further. Just let me know any questions or more specific feedback you have.

If you want to chat directly, feel free to email me at zrachins at abine dot com.


What Happened? Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

Recently stopped working and even their site keeps hijacking me to their other "Mask Me" product. Three virus/malware scans-all NEGATIVE and I'm still getting the same CRAP. NOT a happy camper!

clearing up your issues

Hey AMoonwolfe,

I'm really sorry that your first experience with DoNotTrackMe was negative. To clear up some confusion, some of what you refer to us as MaskMe features are features that are common with DoNotTackMe as well.

For example, if you read the DNTMe extension description further, you will see that when you encounter an email form that is requesting your email address, we help you provide a disposable email address to protect your real one (instead of giving out your own).

None of these features are malware or harmful to you at all - actually quite the opposite!

It would be great to know where we failed at communicating how the features work so that we can improve DoNotTrackMe for current and future users alike.

You can reach me at zrachins at abine dot com with any questions or if you want to talk further.


Why am I seeing a DoNotTrackMe tab? Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

I updated Firefox to v31, and after it restarted, a tab opened up with the DoNotTrackMe website (Abine) appearing.

Where the hell did this BS come from? I didn't install any such add-ons. I don't see any Abine or DoNotTrackMe in my add-ons extension list.

Not impressed.

Hello Tristan -- I'm sorry about that. If you go to tools>>addons>>extensions, you will be able to remove DNTMe from there. Be sure to restart Firefox once you've removed DNTMe.

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Great add-on.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (3.2.1083) del componente aggiuntivo. 

Great app Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Great app i wish it supported outgoing and incoming text.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (3.2.1083) del componente aggiuntivo. 

Hi Mike -- glad to hear you're enjoying DNTMe. We plan to add support for outgoing texts in the future, but incoming texts are currently supported! If you're having issues receiving texts, please email our support staff (support at abine dot com) and they will be able to help you further.

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Realy excellent tool it blocks the anoying advertisement company;s wich would snake into your websurfing behaviour with showing you advertisement from the company,i also realy like the mask e-mail feature and free of charge,and i just expeirenced that if i subscribed to a online service Abine shows you automaticly an option to mask your e-mail adres for other people or just use your default e-mail adres you prefer to use wich you previously have added at the setup at the mask e-mail option settings page.
Awesome guys for this fantastic tool keep up the good work!!

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (3.2.1083) del componente aggiuntivo.