30 recensioni
  • nãpo consigo comprar no amazom, quando vou fazer a compra aparece que o vendedor não pode me enviar o produto
  • Malware. Redirects you from Amazon to a page affiliated to the extension's author.
  • Same experience as niko.delarich: the addon sometimes redirects from Amazon to Gearbest. This is malware.
  • REPORTED MALWARE - this addon occasionally redirects me from amazon to gearbest with the authors (?) affiliate ID.
  • Very productive extension, saves time!
  • Useful sometimes, but it injects code in pages where it souldn't be.
    As web developer using CRM's, I often find injected code in these pages, they report as changed and it is possible to deliver it in live systems if not careful. A mess.
  • I can't install latest version, getting this error: "The addon downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt."
  • Ghn
  • Its okay, works good !
  • Excellent plugin
  • Very good
  • ... therefore we get only "x" (not deliverable to my country).
    kr Tender
  • It does work perfectly on Amazon.com, but I have no clue on how to install it on Amazon Smile. Help please!
  • Does not work! It doesn't show anything!
  • Thank you for the contribution.
    Try still upgrade and try submit new improves to the add-on.
  • Very good, it works
  • Seems to work with Amazon De at least, I installed this at my University computer. Shipped to Finland and prices + shipping costs were probably correct! I did not check other Amazon countries.

    Could be a bit faster and I do not like this is based on Flash.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • It was a very good addon, but stopped working last week.(firefox 24)
    Please provide amazon product page url with the problem.
  • The extension is awesome.
    I just want to report an issue. There are no items in the list whatever country you select (DE Germany for example):

    Other than that the extension works awesome and saved me a lot of time and money!
  • Addon have several problem:
    ---very often have empty result (amazon.de, Firefox 22.0.)
    ---I am from Ukraine, very often addon shows that my product is delivered in my country, but after verification of my address by amazon.de - I have message: "We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination."
  • Doesn't do anything at all, tried with several amazon prodcuts, Firefox 18.0.02
    Works fine for me on Firefox 19.0. Please try to reinstall the addon.
  • This is very useful for me since I have Amazon giftcards and it's very time consuming to know where and whether they ship out of US. This addon saves you money if you are a frequent Amazon buyer. Thank you developer. I was looking for a financial appreciation button for the addon but didn't find.