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  • Didn't work here. Keeps offering for save files instead open it in browser!
  • Does not animate .gifs in ODT. Useless.
  • Got it for opening PPT online and it does not work.
  • It works i can view pages online, sadly it is not compatible with dark reader extension.
  • remove auto fit to page its ugly. Addon must show doc file in scale 1:1
  • Trying to get this junk app to work has been a huge waste of time....

    IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no funciona
  • its ok!! perfect like google add on ( google doc ) for read PDF with out download
  • Not working with the latest version of mozilla
  • I use this extension on chrome to view the homework files that my instructor puts on moodle. They for some reason post the files as word 2003 docx files which never display correctly using the default application on osx. This extension allows me to correctly view them and as an additional bonus i dont need to leave my browser to view the files. so i can save on diskspace and the effort of remembering to delete said files.
  • Для просмотра PDF я использую плагин, идущий в комплекте с PDF X-Change viewer, для просмотра документов OpenOffice (LibreOffice) я использую аддон ODF Viewer, а документы docx у меня в нем не открываются, выскакивает стандартный запрос "Открыть/Сохранить". Возможно дело в том, что он используется во внутренней сети организации, где частично ограничены внешние сервисы. Но гуглодокументы я использовать могу... Не знаю.
  • I'm using kali linux and I opened some .docx files but it didnt worked. Its just showing massage like save or open. When I opened it it again asks in new tab whether to save or open and so on.
  • It's been along time since i've been able to view pdf's with firefox on osx. This add-on did the trick! Nice work guys keep it up
  • Amazing add-on, and especially a must-have for Mac users who have trouble opening .doc files.
  • I was hoping this would work, but I tried reading a couple of PDFs on the MIT website and they would not load or display. I had no trouble reading them with the Adobe Reader. I'm disappointed.
  • Thanks for this awesome and much needed add on. Expecting enhancement in viewing modes with future updates.
  • merci