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So far, I landed on the FBI (you know
the one) 3 times. The first two times
I was able to get myself out,
but who wants to go to
battle with a rouge program.
But this last time,
I used the '''''disallow Script Button'''''.
I was on my way in seconds.
Excellent Work ! ! !

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Excelente Extensão. Funciona muito bem. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!!!

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very good. had a tab hijacked using 'onunload' script which presented a persistent dialog box asking if I wanted to leave the page. Clicking yes only closed the box, not the tab so I couldn't close the tab (I'd never buy or install anything from a company that behaved like that.I was faced with having to Cnt Alt Del FF and losing the work I had in the other tabs. I installed this add-on because it was 'no restart'. After adding the add-on's button to the toolbar, I simply changed to the affected tabs, clicked the button to stop the script, and then simply closed the tabs.... like magic.

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I used to use another script blocker program that was extremely complex to use. This Add-On is MUCH easier...! I give it 4 stars because it needs just ONE little improvement. It needs an option to set default ALLOW or DISALLOW Scripts BY Website or Domain. I read the news on a website that notoriously refreshes itself about every 90 seconds (I think to bump up its page hit count though I could be wrong). I always forget to disallow scripts when I go to this page. So I'm reading headlines and after about 90 seconds, boom! The page refreshes and I'm back at the top of the page and I've lost my place and I JUST CAN'T HANDLE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS!!! Just kidding...! If I could remember to click the DISALLOW button every time I open this page, I wouldn't have ANY problems in life... Just kidding...! The option to set default on this website to DISALLOW would be really helpful... Thanks!!!