bug in update 44.0.2 Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

I love it
BUT it is bug in update 44.0.2 :(
I am running 43.0.1 and it works
The bug is in windows 10
in windows 7 it works fine

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goes well with my linux mint dark themed desktop, thx!

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Kategoria nazywa sie "proste". Jak dla mnie to jest za proste,tym bardziej ze uwielbiam rzeczy proste ale musza one użekać swoją prostotą. A to jest zwykła,czarna jak ziemia plama. Szału nie ma

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Could you please update the theme to FF 25? The new (annoying) find bar and the titlebar of the sidebars doesn't seem to pick up the black colors.

For the rest, it's a theme with a pleasant black palette which is relaxing for the eyes.