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  • Doesn't work as at August 2016. No right click menu and Ctrl+Alt+R has no effect.

  • There is no item in context menu in Firefox 39.0

  • When working with secured websites, most of the time the right click is blocked. When you cannot rightclick how come we can use the context menu?

  • Simply doesn't work in FF 36, no menu item is added

  • This does not work (FF 33). No item is added the contex menu, and hot key does not work.

  • poor

  • this extension not working in FF 17 please debug it...

  • Not working for me in FF 19.0a1 (Nightly) 32-bit on win.
    Also the keyboard shortcut combination would overlap with other FF restart extensions if you use them concurrently.

    Alternatively you can use restartless extension Fresh CSS (working for me), but it also share the size problem with this one (both beyond 100KB), probably both are made from addon development kit.
    The one I use is the restart required CSS Reloader, 3.5 KB.

  • Working SMOOTH as silk with Firefox 3.6.27 under Windows XP.
    Thank you very much for your contribution, Wavded.

  • No workey in FF8... :(

  • didn´t work for me i found only one file which i can´t reload....

  • Sorry bud, does not work with my Firefox 4.0 final. Don't see the Context Menu item and CTRL+Shift+R reloads the entire page. Gonna uninstall

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    Sorry about that, I had the wrong key listed in the description, surprised this wasn't reported earlier. It should be CTRL-ALT-R to reload CSS which is purposely close to CTRL-SHIFT-R which reloads the page. I wasn't seeing the context menu either during some of the betas, but it is on final for me but just of recent, are you still seeing this issue now?

  • Dont work.
    FF 4.0b12


  • For anyone suffering the same problem - here's a link to how to reset the version flag: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Websites+or+add-ons+incorrectly+report+incompatible+browser?s=firefox+reports+wrong+version&as=s