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  • awful color scheme. distracting and no way to adjust
  • It doesn't work. What a mess!
  • Antes la usaba y creo que el manejo de pestañas en color debería venir por defecto en Firefox, lamentablemente esta aplicación NO funciona, las pestañas se ven aún peor y sin colores.
  • The description says "Colors every tab in a different color.", but ColorfulTabs only colors the active tab and the button background. It also adds a vertical tabs sidebar which colors all the tabs in the sidebar. I realize that, over the years, changes have been made to how extensions are implemented, but the description and screenshots should be updated.
  • Disappointed as this version only colors the open tab; previously ALL tabs were colored differently.
  • This is not the same. It has been changed. I just want the tabs colored like in the screenshot, not the entire window border.
  • so lovely, makes browsing less confusing with many tabs
  • Really useful, even though the colour spectrum is not as functional as it used to be. However, has anyone else experienced occasional flickering between tabs? I know it's not malware. Is it a function of trackng on other sites. Usually an issue when a site is opened which is video heavy. Any ideas, thanks.
  • Amazing