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  • UPDATE: The problem is fixed, and you were very quick to do it. The add-on is great again - thank you.
    Hi, it's broken again. Filter on "editor", try to expand a search result in the left panel, throws "expr is not defined".

    (And I do wish the numbskulls at AMO would stop deleting reviews with error messages. There is no way to ask for support at the author's "Support site".)
    Thanks for the report. I've submitted a fix to AMO (version 0.6.5). I've also updated the support site to point to github, which is current.
  • Real glad I found this; its exactly what I needed but didn't know that it was even possible!

    Is the built in console something you created? It's much more informative then the browser console, very helpful

    There might be a bug with the search feature, I cant open folders that are currently highlighted in search results? (they do open while not searching)

    To anyone who can't open the app: create a new bookmark and paste the following under location:
  • Please update. I up revved the maxVersion but it doesnt quite work right in FF 35 :(

  • Great add-on, but needs to be updated for Firefox 4
  • Please Update for Firefox 4
  • This is a great add-on! I used to use it all the time. Until, it stopped working. For some weird reason, it says on the status bar "reading manifests" forever. Good Luck
  • A bit slow loading. Missing syntax highlighting, and ability to open sellected .xul file's preview to get an rough idea on what that file describes maybe like in Live xul editor:

    Nevertheless very usefull.
  • A handy tool. It would be an invaluable tool it it had a search function.
  • I would love to see this addon work. however i see this error :

    Error: jarFileURL is not defined
    Source File: chrome://chromelist/content/lib/parser.js
    Line: 496

    i have FF3.5.1, WinXP SP3, and Chrome list 0.4.1
  • Extremely useful. Helps to design overlays, finding functionality and reviewing extensions. An essential plugin for the extension developer.
  • I've just bumped on this precious gems of dev tools. From the little that I've seen it's something in anyone's mind, since having the actual tree in memory just isn't practical!!

  • v0.3 failed to work with Firefox/3.0.10
    v0.4 from googlecode project works fine
  • Chrome List already helped me out very often when I was browsing for a function already existing in Firefox or for finding special XULs.
    It saves so much time when you don't have to unpack the JAR files of Mozilla to have a look for the things you need.
    Though I wished there was an option to search for files or even content in that files as for example the programming framework Eclipse offers it.
  • This was a life-saver for me to figure out where FoxFilter was located so I could revert to a previous version.

    I didn't have any problems with it.
  • I'm running into the exact same problem some others have encountered: It gets stuck while mapping the chrome URLs. It's possible this is the result of an add-on conflict. Although it's not working for me (yet), I really like the concept. Keep it up!
  • same problem, maps forever.
  • i had the same exact issue niraxar had: the add-on appears to be mapping chrome urls forever. I left it open overnight, no joy.
  • Sorry for the misinformation. Of course there is Thunderbird 3 Beta, and of course there are problems in Thunderbird 2.0.
  • It seems like version 0.3 works just fine in Thunderbird 2.0 (when overridden), and the alleged Thunderbird 3.0 is nowhere near completion (there are no even alphas), so it might be actually a good idea to have Thunderbird 2.0 releases enabled again - at users risk. Other than that thanks for this great extension.
  • i installed this xtension today. it does not seem to be doing anything. for a long time the chrome browser says "mapping chrome URLs" till i get fed up and close chrome browser. i have waited for more than 10 minutes ... sometimes it caused firefox to crash too.

    does it have compatibility issues with any other extension ?

    edit :: after i reported the problem in google code, it was fixed by gijs within 1 day. great !!! deserves more than five stars !!
    Hi niraxar,\r\n\r\nFirst of all, I\'m sorry it doesn\'t work for you as-is.\r\n\r\nCould you check the steps I posted in the second point at http://code.google.com/p/chromelist/issues/detail?id=17#c2 ?\r\n\r\nYou can email me (email\'s on my website, which is the support address for this add-on) or comment on that bug with the errors you\'re seeing. That should help me in determining what\'s wrong.\r\n\r\nThanks a lot, and happy new year! :-)
  • Great tool for developers!!
    Thanks :)
  • i didn't use this in depth, but that is only because it helped me find my chrome bug very quickly. Thanks for writing this!
  • Seriously useful tool!

    Current build (0.2.2) won't install on Firefox 3.0.1 which contradicts the documentation. install.rdf needs updating as it currently specifies maximum version as 3.0.9a
  • Veyr useful addon. keep up the good work! This extension works as the author advertised