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  • Really GOOD!!! I love how you use riddles
    so we can explore Firefox as much as possible!
  • It keeps you busy but is is kind of hard
  • This extension is great, it helps you learn the features of firefox at the same time having fun!
  • I love this add-on. This add-on adds a sense of enjoyment in browsing with my favourite browser (Firefox) and I like how the achievements are difficult to get. currently i have 105 points. One area of improvement could be more achievements. Other than that a a very recommended add-on!
  • Interesting concept that's fairly entertaining. It's a little difficult to figure out some of the clues, but it does provide a nice incentive to explore a browser. Harmless fun.
  • I was hoping this app would teach me how to use my browser but instead it only rewards me when I stumble upon a new feature. Kind of lame.
  • I can't see anything at all, so no point in even competeing with friends on any scale. Cannot use a mouse, so clicking things is totally out.
  • Hard to find out what I should do next...
  • Love this Little Add on would be good if i could understand what im getting the points for but its all fun anayways
  • Really fun and cool to compete with friends!!
  • I like Cheevos for Firefox. It's fun to try things you normally wouldn't do just to see if that's worth a trophy. That has brought me to one or another new place. Really great.
    But just like other reviewers already stated: the achievements are unneccessarily cryptic.That might be cool, but only until an achievement is actually achieved, at which point the description should clearly say how it happened.

    Nonetheless, I see a lot of potential in this, as you could eventually add Cheevos for some must-have Add-Ons aside of Personas+ or simply add some new Cheevos as the functionality of Firefox expands. Keep up the great work!
  • It would be fun to understand what needs to be done to receive the achievments... The text doesn't say much.
  • Brilliant add on, does make you search for features you wouldnt normally even think about looking for, only problems I have are the clues are overly cryptic, such as "split personalities" im not even slightly sure what to do there. but overall excellent
  • Excellent add-on. Lots of fun, and gives me something to do when I get bored.
  • Addicting and great
  • Interesting add-on! I wish I had installed it before, but it is still a really fun way to adquire achievements, and it makes my browsign experience even better!
  • It's awesome! I only have 120 pts but i'll complete all the challenges :D
  • My Firefox is cooler now .
  • Very funny and awesome add-on. Wish that i had this implented when I started using Firefox, years ago. Its really cool!
  • I've been enjoying Cheevos for Firefox since I installed it a couple of months ago... It's satisfying to "score" more points, though they're becoming harder to find lately. I had a little trouble with the addon not starting with the newest install of Firefox (13), but I think that's fixed... I consider myself an "advanced" Firefox user, but Cheevos has helped me to learn a thing or two.... Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to my next 5 (or 10) points!!
  • Should be competitive/comparable with other users in some way possibly also stating which OS they run. about:cheevos is broken for me. I assume the achievements will be listed there. Information on what the achievement was for and what uses performing that action has would be great for newbies. Maybe even being able to comment on the achievements (preferably without registration) people could ask related questions and receive some help. Achievements for browsing accumulate browsing time would be cool as well. You could really fluff this addon out and hopefully add to the growth of Firefox by attracting new crowds for different reasons than before.
  • I was under the impression that Cheevos for Firefox would help me learn how to use the browser (or at any rate how to use it better), instead there is no information anywhere on the awards, no instructions, nothing at all but a list of baffling achievements and occasionally an icon of a trophy that pops up (with no clue what I did to make the icon appear). 95 points later I still have no clue at all what the parts of the browser are, what these achievements mean, what I did to achieve these achievements, or where I could go for further information on them. Without this information Cheevos is meaningless and somewhat pointless.

    Please fix this add-on!
  • Great concept. No-restart makes it an easy impulse install. I probably won't keep it forever, but it is fun to collect achievements.
  • I wanna translate this for my language user. how can I do it?
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