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  • This add-on was awesome and I used it for a couple 2 year, it made browsing with Firefox a fun game.

    Sadly, it no longer works. You can't unlock achievements or get a toolbar button to view your achievements page.
  • Where do you see achievements
  • Does absolutely nothing.
  • Hmm i like it and im also testing to see if i get an achievement
  • Pretty good, but I'm not going to keep using it. I prefer the icon from version 1.3, but the about:cheevos page has stopped working in that version. The about:cheevos page works in later versions, but the new icon is kind of ugly, in my opinion.
  • gibt dem firefox so etwas von einer gewissen openword-zone, welche man nicht für eine solche hielte
  • E bem legal só falta uma tradução para PT-BR.
  • Perfect, I want my cheevo! :)
  • I am writing a review in hope to get an award :)
  • It is fun, just a thing that you can have and you don't have to spent a lot of time on it.
  • I have to deduct a star because our home page with the list of achievements should have images of our badges so we can show them off. It seems like there's a big spot into which they would fit perfectly, but it's just blank.
  • No mention of privacy policy.. Does this app phone home? Contact any web-service to provide any functionality?.. The developers should clarify these details..
    Hi, no phoning home, no sharing of your achievements. You are free to view the source code of the add-on at https://github.com/msujaws/Cheevos :)
  • Why am I not getting the "Your opinion matters" achievement? =(
  • It's great...The clues could be easer though
  • :D Enjoyable and Funny!
  • need some walkthrough
  • Awesome
  • Good Good :-)
  • Good, but I don't understand how to get the stuff
  • An interesting way to get acquainted with Firefox, especially for new users.
  • This was really nice, I'm new to Firefox but this is helping me get the basics and to know some fun tricks. I'm really enjoying it, and i hope they add more, really great add-on.
  • Interesting addon, but I have NO idea what half these things are talking about.
  • Would surely be more useful with some explanations. Some challenges seem quite cryptic.
  • fun
  • Love it!