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  • Perfect but needs to configure custom shortcuts.
  • Il serait vraiment très pertinent de mettre en cache ce qu'il y a dans la bulle le temps de copier quelque chose sur la page en cours.. Ou de proposer l'enregistrement d'un mot de passe lorsqu'on vient d'en génerer un... Histoire de pas perdre celui ci quand on retourne sur la page pour copier l'identifiant
  • Good extension but I don't like having to re-enter the master password every 10-15 minutes...
    You can adjust your lock options under the Settings tab. There is a "Never" option if that is what you're after.
  • I was busy organizing my login info in folders when my session expired... Trying to go to the Bitwarden website I get this !

    "Your IP address has been temporarily blocked from accessing Bitwarden's cloud infrastructure.
    This could have happened for several reasons, such as rate limiting abuse of our APIs.
    If this block was triggered due to a false positive in our abuse detection systems, we apologize. "

    Of course a false positive! Back in business after 15 minutes
    Sorry about that. Please let us know if it happens again.
  • forgot password
  • It's nice.
  • Très bien.