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  • Best open source password manager
  • It is a very nice Add-ons and I use it all the time.
  • i really love is app
  • Simple, straightforward and very reliable. Bitwarden software is actively maintained and updates regularly released. Different platforms supported (including Linux). Importing my data from Lastpass went without a glitch. Recommended as total solution (iOS app and browser add-ons). Happy user.
  • Meilleur gestionnaire de mdp du moment!
    pas du tout invasif, parfait a la prise en main et l'utilisation! bien meilleur que "enpass" par exemple
  • Friendly User interface, customisable, you can organize your passwords...

    So far... so good....

    I was using KeePass, and didn't like it because of the complication to sync (using a 3rd party app such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive). It is a very good opensource alternative to lassPass, google passwords...

    What i don't like, is that I'm not sure i understand what information the take from me and for what purposes. "Store unlimited amount of client-side data"
  • No more Asks to save new login details. Waste of time
    Hi. This issue has been fixed in v1.40.1