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  • At resent , this Add-on is not working ...

  • Until this add-on works, there's a way to use a bookmark to autostart the online widget:

  • No longer supported ? Please UPDATE !!


  • It did work until v52.0.1
    What now?

  • Please update

  • It's not possible to remove the addon's icon from the taskbar. To get rid of the the icon one has to de-activate de complete addon after every use... This is not user-friendly in my opinion.

  • Excellent. Fast with low impact to system. Win 7 & Win 8.1.
    Tested with 25 open tabs.

  • It causes pages to load very slowly and the worst UI lag I have ever seen. It took two minutes going through the laggy UI to disable the extension, which I do not remember installing or giving permission to in the first place. Maybe I did, but I don't remember it.

  • Had been having problems with amazon.com loading/working VERY slow and hanging every few seconds. Similar issues with facebook and weather underground. I restarted FF with all plugins disabled and all sites run great, so then I restarted normally and tried disabling plugins one by one. I discovered that bitdefender quickscan was the problem. With it disabled everything runs great. Uninstalled it.

  • @ Reijo Koskela on
    you are right now this add one lost it's own value . each time ask allow (for repeatedly install as first time ) and finally no works at all . Once I loved this online checking antivirus all though it was not strong and steady.

  • Why not add information "last scan 2014 October 26", so I will remember to scan again. Or make this automagic every 7 days.
    And why not add option to add this to Tools menu.

    Quick enough. Did not find anything, so I'm probably OK.

    I use Firefox ESR v31 and no problems, I hope.

    I wish Lavaredo would be more specific, what does he mean " by Lavaredo on September 19, 2014
    it completely blocks the action of Firefox 32.0"

  • it completely blocks the action of Firefox 32.0!!!

  • good

  • This addition to the most powerful antivirus software in the world is totally awesome.

  • Seems to do what it says, but I would be read the Privacy Statement carefully before installing this (or anything else, for that matter).

  • great addon !

  • @sickdog: you downloaded the wrong Bitdefender. This, is a very small, in browser plug in that does exactly what it says. It quick scans for malware, virus, etc, on whatever page you happen to be on or are going to. If it pops up with a bad bug, then you use your BIG anti-virus client to get rid of it. It's more of a warning device, NOT an anti-virus and virus removal program, but they do have one that does come with a free trial, before you purchase, just like all the other ones that you actually PAY for. If you're looking for completely free, then MS Security Essentials, at least for the rest of this year, is totally free and does the job pretty well, although it doesn't dig out the scum the way malwarebytes does. Btw, they have a free version too, but if you want the full version you'll have to pay for it after the 2 weeks are up. The free version, imo, does all I need it to do: tells me if I've got a nasty on my pc, and quarantines until I tell it what to do: get rid of it or ignore it. Bitdefender's little red button, though, is some peace of mind I like having on hand to quick scan before I download or go to a new sight. It works, period.

  • Спасибо!

  • ya it was great right up till the "free" trial ended then i got flooded with virus cause in order to use bitdefender you have to uninstall whatever else protects your computer

  • It just works in a simple way, and the interface is nice and clean.

  • Another effective antivirus tool from Bit defender.Fast,easy and effective.

  • Out of malicious word!

    this is something that everyone must add as their add on .It is very helpful against virus that are covering their visibility!this majestic crafts possessed a great tool for PC behavior .

  • I used to use this add-on with Firefox 11.0, but since switching to the Windows 7 64-bit-friendly Waterfox version, it is not compatible. A shame.

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    This plugin is only for Firefox 32-bit versions.

  • i can´t deinstall it. i can´t remove the icon from the navigationbar. i can only deactivate the addon. so i can´t deal with it.

    Firefox v10.0.1

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    The fix was introduced in vesion that is waiting for approval by Mozilla Add-ons.
    You can delete extension from Add-ons menu(Ctrl+Shift+A) and remove it from list.

  • This is the best online scanner, it's super fast and it has a great detection rate. Great job!