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  • Avoid this company, they are selling your browsing data to third parties. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qjdkq7/avast-antivirus-sells-user-browsing-data-investigation They claim they are now winding down that business, however, they do it only because of the pressure after being caught, I cannot trust them anymore. Not recommended, trust is hard to earn, but easy to lose, they do not appreciate it enough.
  • Who will police the police? Avast is guilty of the behavior you're using their products to prevent.
  • thank you for hardwork
  • N.c.
  • Recent reports of Avast selling user data.
  • I thought this was a great extension, until it was revealed that Avast is selling sensitive information about your browsing habits!! I have disabled it until Avast comes clean. It's completely disappointing that a company that is supposed to protect you is actually ACTING LIKE MALWARE!!!
  • Recent reports of Avast (through subsidiary) selling user data.
  • Avast was recently exposed in a Vice/PCMag report which revealed that it sold web browsing data, including the sites you visit and the links you click, to third parties.
  • très bien depuis que je l'utilise(1an) mais impossible de remettre cette extension avec firefox?