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  • Good for saving resources without needing to close tabs completely. However There seems to be a bug with the way the "Discard All Other Tabs" function works.

    It appears to respect the whitelist and blacklist features of the addon like auto-discarding does. I suspect that this isn't the intended behavior, because discarding tabs using "Discard Tab" ignores the lists. This is what I expected with "Discard All Other tabs" because it's being done manually just like "Discard Tab" is. Because it doesn't ignore them, I initially thought that this function just didn't work at all.

    If it is the intended behavior for "Discard Tab" to ignore the lists but "Discard All Other Tabs" to respect them, it should be more clear about that. I'd also like the option for it to ignore the lists just like "Discard Tab" does, since I feel like this makes more sense, and is more useful.

    The only other problem I have is that putting a discarded tab into focus automatically reloads the tab. This is pretty inconvenient and I'd much rather have the tab stay discarded until I manually reload it, or something like that.
  • I would like to see an option to establish a maximum number of inactive tabs on a per windows basis.

    Ex: Maximum of n inactive tabs for any given window.

    I find myself having this issue that I left some tabs opened in a random window, and the addon keeps unloading the tabs on the window I'm working on because it exceeds the maximum I have setted.
  • Works fantastic! Allows me to indulge my bad habit of keeping open far too many tabs. Been using it for a while and am very pleased.
  • This extension is awesome and really helps manage resource usage by tons of open tabs. However, it is missing one feature that looks like a lot of other people would like to see as well, and that is an option to prevent auto-reloading of discarded tabs when you click on them.

    With The Great Suspender on Chrome, I frequently cycle through my discarded tabs to see which one I want to reload, then simply click on the page to reload it. That extension also provides the ability to show screenshots of the content in the discarded tab to help make identification of discarded tabs easier. Using that same routine with this extension will reload all your discarded tabs, which of course eliminates any benefit you get from using the tab in the first place.

    Other than that missing feature this is a great auto-suspender extension!
  • This extension is the best. I have a low-end computer and this allows me to manage how tabs use my memory. I usually customize it to 2 tabs and 60 seconds if more than 2.