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  • This tool really works.
  • Fantastic!
  • All we need now is an option to only reload the tab when I click inside it instead of just switch to it.
    Great Addon, Thanks
  • This extension needs the ability to choose what happens when we click on a discarded tab in the tabs panel. Currently it automatically reloads the discarded tab. I need an option to reload the tab only when I click inside the window of the discarded tab.
  • Very useful add-on ! A must for those who have lot of open tabs like me.
  • Significantly more features than other tab suspender extensions. Allows tabs to be "whitelisted" on a per-session basis, and provides a lot of config options for enabling/disabling suspension (e.g. only suspend when more than 6 tabs inactive)
  • Greatly speeds up my browser with the huge amount of tabs I tend to keep open in my sessions. Big thank you!
  • Perfect to reduce the RAM usage if you have a lot of tabs pined.
  • Absolute lifesaver!
  • Simple, yet powerful, working perfectly and life(memory)-saving! Thanks a lot!
  • Change Bookmarks icon permanently