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  • Extensão fantástica. Pratico, rápido, funcional...
  • Non funziona per Amazon.it
  • Installé il allait sur .com aux usa... entrée dans settings pour changer .fr ---> programme freeze. désinstallé. à lire d'autres commentaires, encore une idée à moitié cuite, heep....
  • En anglais !
    et impossible de l'avoir (comme je l'ai déjà eu) en français...
  • Unable to change region without the add on hanging and giving:
    Error code: ext103 4d8f5e03-310c-43da-aa7b-f88bce451f40
    Close and reset.
  • BUG quand j'essaye de mettre la région sur FRANCE. Je ois désinstalle réinstalle pour que ça refonctionne mais en ANGLAIS.
  • One of the best.
  • Doesn't work. Either says there's a problem and asks to close and restart, or, on the rare occasion it does actually load, it hangs whenever I try to do anything within the plug-in. This has happened in both Firefox and Chrome, and on multiple systems.

    On top of that, it's a bloated plug-in that tries to do way too much. It was nice when it just worked to add off-site things to my wishlist, but now it's slow and cumbersome to use.
  • Amazing add-on for amazon. I would suggest to use this app for quick updates/deals/promotion notifications
  • Works well but requires the Firefox 'Content Blocking' to be adjusted to work in the UK.
  • This terrible extension slows down browsing dramatically, rarely works, and is constantly failing. All I want is to add items to my Amazon wishlist, and in classic Amazon fashion, they couch the functionality I want in a clunky, poorly designed piece of garbage. Just bring back the wishlist extension and stop pretending to be a customer-facing software company.
  • This works great for me. Quick, easy access to tracking my orders.
  • Doesn't work at all (UK). Spins for a while then says it couldn't load (with ext103 error in tiny text at the bottom), as per many other reports here. And all because the “add to wishlist” button has been “retired”. Hey ho, the onward march of progress.
  • Despite using Traditional Chinese in my Firefox, and setting the country setting in Amazon Assistant as UK, as well as physically living in UK, Amazon Assistant still amazingly decided to display in Simplified Chinese.
  • No funciona en Amazon.es
  • No funciona para amazon.es
    It does not work for amazon.es
    FF 63.0 (64-bit)
  • It doesn't work. Cannot get a connection at all and keeps wanting to restart. So, doesn't not work on Firefox Quantum.
  • Uhg! This Amazon add on is super frustrating! It seems that it disappears every day, not only from my task bar but disappears entirely, even from the list of Firefox add on's! I have to keep searching for it and adding it back on almost daily. I gave it 2 stars only because when I first add it back on it works and is great to keep track of things you want/need or gift ideas for others throughout the year!
  • Like so many here, I LOVED the "Add to Amazon" button that I used to use. This POS doesn't work AT ALL.
    The bookmarks for orders, account, etc work just fine. But the ONLY part I want, the "Add to Wishlist" just shows up a blank gray box, as does "Home".
  • Amazon suggested I use this extension to help promote the use of their Amazon Smile website that supports charities each time I place an order. While the extension has no problem pointing me to products on its Smile site when I'm browsing products on competitor websites, the extension ignores me browsing products on its main website. As I've a habit of typing Amazon's main URL, the extension has turned out to be unhelpful as I rarely remember to visit its Smile website URL when purchasing products on Amazon.
  • I keep getting a "I'm having trouble loading" message, nothing seems to fix the problem.
  • Absolutely useless. I used to use the wishlist button which worked perfectly. This doesn't work at all. I simply get the message "Sorry I'm having trouble loading" each time I use it. What a shame!
  • Pretty cool tools. very helpful
  • I love it! Helps me out every time I'm using Firefox.
  • una vera porcheria... quando funziona è lentissimo... ma di solito rilascia un messaggio di errore...