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  • Not support Quantum. :-(

  • Amazing Add On :)

  • unable to change from US to France. I only get an error code: Error code: ext103.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, but no success to get it working.
    Not helpful extension

  • OK

  • Installed but refuses to load. Clicking the button just shows a blank white box with a progress circle animation that spins forever.
    location : U.K.

  • Installed but refuses to load. Clicking the button just shows a blank white box with a progress circle animation that spins forever. What's the point of this again?

  • This is really helpful while working it helps directly to look into

  • Great way to keep an eye on trending deals!

  • When it works this add-on is brilliant. Sadly it's only worked twice in 6 months.

  • Won't work with amazon.fr !!! seriously ???

  • Real Good

  • Error code: ext103 ea6fb644-8692-4a50-8351-b5f4a80ff153


  • Funktioniert nicht gescheit.

    Die Aktion wenn man über den Assistent einen Einkauf über 25€ abwickelt, bekommt man 10€ Rabatt, funktioniert nicht richtig. Von Amazon keine Entschädigung erhalten.

    Ich werde den Assistent wieder deinstallieren...

  • User from Canada. After switching to amazon.ca in the settings, app fails to load:
    Error code: ext103

  • Error code: ext103
    Funktioniert nicht

  • I love that this tool helps me find the best prices when I shop, so that I'm always getting the best deal

  • Doesn't work if you switch to another amazon (supposedly supported) country.

  • Yes, it does track my browsing and tailors ads to that browsing history. What really annoys me it the pop up I get every time I go to Amazon that tells me to install the assistant. I have but I KEEP GETTING the stupid pop up even though I installed the assistant. Now I'm going to uninstall it. I don't get that pop up that I have to DISMISS every time I go to Amazon if I use Explorer or Chrome so maybe I just won't use Firefox anymore. Very annoyed.

  • Everyone is saying that Amazon is tracking your browsing history with this extension, I can confirm this as it is sending requests to Amazon from any tab that I open. This is unacceptable and clearly violates policies. If enough people report this, it might get removed. On top of all this, apparently it doesn't even work for some people.


  • Slow. And it slows down the rest of the browser. Probably wasting time sending the full contents of my browsing history back to Amazon. Couldn't log in.

  • Purtroppo non funziona minimamente:
    O rimane in costante caricamento, con un riquadro vuoto e da una schermata di errore chiedendo il riavvio.

  • No funciona al cambiar a la tienda en España. Totalmente inservible. No carga.

  • Ne fonctionne pas pour la France.
    Doesn't work when you try to change the country to France