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  • The success of this addon just goes to prove the importance of having sane defaults. Tabbed browsing is so much better with this!
  • just what the doctor ordered!
  • https://www.reddit.com/comments/8pv917/-/e0fhlh1/

    > Highly reliable, with Waterfox.

  • Always right.
  • I don't know if I started using this extension before or after the option browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent existed, but it sure helped a lot and never failed me. Kudos to the dev
  • I think this extension only simplifies the manual inclusion of this option: "browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent"

    This can be done manually using two steps:
    1. Type in the address bar: "about:config?filter=browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent".
    2. Set to "true" by double click on it.

    Why is that bad?

    This extension existed long before that preference, so ensures all the users of it continue to have that behavior, even if they don't know about the pref.
  • The way it should be. Thanks!
  • Works for me. Thanks.
  • Thank you, Dietrich. Been using this indispensable extension for years! However, I now have an ongoing problem where I'm having to reinstall it each time I restart FF, because opening a new tab will always go to the end of my tabs if I don't. Currently using Always Right Version on Firefox 57.04. Any solution to this problem?
  • 59.0.2 (32-bit)
    After some time working correctly, just recently I find tabs opening at end of line again.

    It's absurd this isn't the default.

    Using Nightly [now 58.0a1 (2017-10-07) (32-bit)] sometimes ctrl_T goes to end-of-tabs instead of the next slot,

    Just now, I did ctrl_T from the frst tab, it went to th end of the line; I moved it back manually.
    Next I tried it on a mid-tab: fine, it went to next slot.
    Tried again on first tab, this time it worked properly.

    I suspect it's a photon glitch, some module not loading in time without being checked. Is there a way to ensure it works always?

    Additionally, when I ctr_T on the first tab in the visible row, it not only creates a tab, but shifts focus to it (which is an assumption too far), and moves the current tab leftwards out of view. So I then have to move left again to see where I was.

    The search function also changes focus to the search page rather than opening it in background. So, if I need to search for several items on a page, I have to go back & forth each time.Could be another piece of slack thinking by mozilla.
  • pls make affect on open a link by middle click

    I figure out in order to make it work, browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent have to set to false.
    I tested on Ubuntu in a VM with Mac sending a middle-click and the tab opened directly to the right of the active tab.
  • I haven't tested it thoroughly, but it seems to works right ;)

    Now I'm looking to an extension that do the opposite: switching to left tab when closing the active tab.
    Maybe you could add the functionality inside this one ?

    I was using TabMixPlus for these features (and couple other), but now that is nearly deprecated, I need to find replacement.
  • Exactly what I need
    I never understood why this choice was not available in Firefox settings.
    Thanks for your job!
  • Thanks Dietrich, the addon seemingly works great. Could you make something similar; an extension which does so when tabs are closed, the focus is switched to the last active tab?
  • Thank you, this is fantastic....
  • Love love this Extension, please please tweak it for WebExtensions compatibility.
  • You only realise how intuitive this is when you use another browser - where tabs open right at the end, or even worse, randomly.
  • Have been using this add-on for a few years now. Super useful and it annoys me that the default action in Firefox when opening a new tab is to put that tab at the end. I open many tabs at once so it gets very crowded fast in the tab bar. This addon helps to not lose the new opened tab.

    Installed another similar addon, doesn't work as smoothly as this one.
  • A very useful addon which I use a lot. Unfortunately since 2.0.0 icm FF 53.0.2 64bit and Windows 10 it isn't working anymore :(

    I miss it very much..
  • I confirm the reverse bug reported by [HYBRID BEING] and slickerweb when a window is restored (from crash).
    Some times, the new tab is not opened right after the current one, especially when you had closed few tabs before.
    Since I remove this extension, Firefox stopped crashing each days.
    I replace it with Tab Control: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/tab-control/
  • Non deve avere alcuna opzione, deve semplicemente funzionare e lo fa. Apre qualsiasi nuova tab alla destra di quella che attualmente state utilizzando. Raramente "sbaglia il calcolo" e magari apre la nuova tab un paio di posti più in la rispetto al dovuto ma non succede spesso. Consigliata.
  • Great add-on! Works perfectly in Nightly on Windows 7 both 32 and 64-bit OS and browsers. Sadly doesn't work in Nightly Private mode, which I prefer to have enabled as my startup default. Doesn't work in Nightly e10s Electrolysis mode, but no surprise there as that's just been resurrected. Can this add-on can be made to work in Nightly Private mode? Many thanks.
  • This program often opens tabs oddly. It seems even less predictable that firefox's base opening order for tabs. I still use it but it seems to be doing it more and more often. I hope this is fixed.
  • I give this 4-stars, not 5 because there is no configuration. What would be nice is to have an option so when you click on a tab it doesn't immediately open to the right, but if you hold down the CTRL key, it does.

    Or, you could have it by default open to the right and you hold down the CTRL key to have it replace the same tab you are on.

    Currently it just always opens a new tab to the right, and for some Javascript, that requires me to disable this plugin in order to have it run correctly.