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  • ADP is good for normal sites but it is horrible for online banking. Pay attention your account (at your bank) can be blocked or face many problems.
  • still far better than ublock origin
  • Effective.
  • Perfect
  • Good
  • It stops, NOT slows down STOPS every page that tries to load. I want my money back. Is anyone out there in adblock land listening?
  • Adevarata aplicatie
  • 好用,直接鎖死所有廣告
  • Good extension ever
  • It's always been perfect.
  • 優秀
  • The current version 3.3.1 is making Firefox 6.0.3-64 on Windows 7 very slow (page loading) and nearly unusable (response time). So I started Firefox with disabled Extensions and it worked perfectly well - very fast and stable. By trail and error, I enabled Extension by Extension. So my final conclusion was to disable the Adblock Plus Extension :-)
    PS: Was using the Extension for years without any problems!
  • Сито с рваным дном. В браузере Мозилла почти не работает
  • Good
  • Installed and instatly started blocking. Surfing the web is so much better now. Tnx!
  • mantap
  • Es una extensión obligada. Pese a retrasar la carga de las webs y ser bastante tosca en cuanto a estética y diseño, funciona muy bien y es extremadamente útil.
  • Медленно, но верно. Пользуюсь давно, для разных устройств, для разных задач. Часто приходится блокировать рекламу по шаблону, очень выручает. Авторам и всем-всем создателям: благодарю за отличный, качественный продукт!
  • Wie soll ich eine Bewertung schreiben, wenn ich dauernd
    aufgefordert werde dieses Tool zu installieren?
    Icvh weiß ja nicht einmal ob es installiert ist und wie es funktioniert. :((
  • Thank You adblock ! (Donation Sent !)
  • Genial, me ha quitado el molesto add de lo que no quiero ni me interesa ver.
  • Siipp..
  • Awesome adblocking extension. but not able to block double click ads or pop up upon web link click ads
  • It takes down nearly all ads and spam, and usually immediately takes down any that do get through at first!