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ABP is excellent, only if it were not for the "non-intrusive ads". The ads are neither non-intrusive and they benefit major companies such as Google and Sedo, and not small companies as the ABP site specifies.Of course, I know it is just as simple as removing a checkbox. But I forget to do this on new installations (or when setting up new profiles or clearing out the preferences all at once from the FF safe mode), so I add "" to my hosts file.

Also, surrogate scripting would be something nice to implement to help in cases of problematic scripts such as mbox.js, s_code,js and ga.js.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente ( del componente aggiuntivo. 

That's the current sad state of the web - small websites don't have much choice when it comes to acceptable advertising, it is either Google ads or nothing. So we did whitelist Google's text ads on a bunch of websites. We also whitelisted a few young advertising networks that are doing specifically acceptable advertising only. And this approach will hopefully ensure that small websites will have more choice in future.

As to some entries not being perceived as acceptable by you - we are trying our best to both sort out bad proposals on our end and to involve the Adblock Plus community. All additions are being discussed in our forums (, feel free to come there and join the discussion.