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I'm occasionally saving pages as image. Until now, I was using Pearl Crescent extension for this. Today, I saw that, it couldn't properly save pages with dynamic content. After a little Google search, I found this extension. And this one works perfectly.

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Great add-on, almost life-saver, but
Dear Author, please, support Retina displays!
Currently snapshots are being made with half resolution when using Retina display on MacBook Pro (although they have original size — but pixelized; each 2*2 square gets averaged, or something like this) — so overall image has bad quality.

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Thank you!
Great add on!

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Besides fireshot this is the best add on.

But in the the new version of Abduction! 3.5.0 is no entry "Save Page As Image..." in the context menu with firefox

at the moment I use a modified version from another forum

but the link to the modified version
I can not write here,
because the contribution is immediately deleted here

but now:
many thanks to John Doe

the second step works great
to change the original xpi-file

quote by JohnDoe:
lookup the file extension (*. xpi) in the ~ / .mozilla / firefox / <profile> / extensions / (it is just a zip file) and edit the file "/ chrome / locale / en / abduction.dtd" replacing "screen grave" with "abduction" in the obvious line ...

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Exactly what you expect and need!

To fix the issue with the missing context menu (for german users) I did the following (maybe that one of the two steps is enough):
1) add the following line to prefs.js in the firefox profile folder (or set the flag via the about:config-editor):
user_pref("extensions.abduction.opt_in_page_shown", true);
2) lookup the extension file (*.xpi) in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/extensions/ (it is just a zip-file) and edit the file "/chrome/locale/de/abduction.dtd" replacing "screengrab" with "abduction" in the obvious line...

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Just as other people here reported, I dont have an entry to save webpages as image in the right-click menu.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Excellent, does more than expected. Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

Really great. I guess the next feature would be shortcuts to widen or narrow the selected item to the parent or child one.
As it is the case for the add-on "Element hiding helper for adblock plus" in which you can hide a <p> paragraph or widen it to its parent div or the entire page.
And maybe you should work with the "print pages to pdf" devs to make one unified add-on.

At any rate, it's an excellent addon and I especially like that I can choose png or jpg and its compression level.

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Cool app. Helps to steal stuff from a webpage

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This seems to be the only living and free add-on out there that can take screenshots directly into the clipboard, thus I like it.

There's a bug though: it fails to give the file extension when saving the screenshot as a file.
It just gives "." instead of ".png" or ".jpg".

I'd like a toolbar button, too.

Pity the repo on github is outdated.

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This review is based on exactly one use of the add-on, but I'm giving it full stars because I was able to go from discovering my need for this add-on, to finding it, to using it successfully in under a minute, just by using the interface it provides via context menu. With the time I saved, I'm writing this review. Thanks for making this.

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I translated it into Russian, as it for you?

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It get's a two instead on a one because it does actually take screenshots, but as far as a screen shot program for Firefox and/or windows goes this is terrible. "Abduction" is to screenshots as a dial up connection is to optical fiber.

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It sounds great, but I too, lost the mention in the right-click menu. I will never know what it can do :-(

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It does just what it's supposed to, and then some! Very convenient.

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Works just great and do what it promise. =D

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Best app. Why not to save the page url in file properties?

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Rockin app. Very easy to use

GREAT JOB Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I am very happy with this plugin, very, very helpful to make a webpage capture that exceeds the size of the screen.

Thank you

does not work. no menu entry. Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

I installed it twice but there is no right click menu or anythink else like a bar icon.

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it worked only once, the menu is gone since