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  • You don’t need to get on Twitter or Facebook, listen to the radio, or visit multiple news outlets.
    Before heading outside, you can get the weather conditions and news no matter where you are globally, directly on Spoutly.
    0 utenti
  • Search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiable information
    0 utenti
  • Search players on Fangraphs
    1) Highlight a player's name on any website and right click to go to that player's page.
    2) Type in fg followed by a space in the address bar to start searching for players. Suggestions will popup as you type.
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  • The extension is absolutely free and makes the access to the Wyrmspel website easier and quicker.
    3 utenti
  • Adding this extension to the browser user get the ability to access Toripelit site with one click, that will redirect the player to the big amount of the online games.
    12 utenti
  • Permet de connaitre la disponibilité des bus de l'entreprise AMTC (Entreprise fictive du serveur Altis Life Agorapolis)
    8 utenti

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