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A general-purpose inspector for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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Plugin Disabler No Restart

Deactivates all plugins on startup.

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X-Unsent support

Adds support for the X-Unsent header.

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Rethread No Restart

This addon adds an entry in the right-click menu which re-threads selected messages together (groups selected messages into the same thread)". This is done by _modifying_ messages; the author of the addon declines any responsibility for data loss.

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IMAP Quota (Free Space)

This Thunderbird addon let you customize the behaiour of the IMAP quota statusbar panel.

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IMAP Draft Unread

This is a Thunderbird addon that lets you customize the behavior of the IMAP draft unread messages. No more new mail notifications for your drafts!!

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Firedrive for Filelink

Add Firedrive support to Thunderbird's Filelink feature.

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EDS Calendar Integration

Integrates calendars events with Gnome clock applet

Plugin may hang on Fedora.
As a workaround uninstall evolution-ews.

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Create address labels from selected contacts in pdf, odt, ps or html.

1) Verify settings
2) In the Address Book, select contacts and right click

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Persian transliteration No Restart

Helps transliterating Persian texts.

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Provides source code highlighting in editor's "Insert HTML" dialog.

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Element Hiding Helper for Pan No Restart

Help you create element hiding rules for Pan to fight the text ads.

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Send notification to notikeys on new message arrival

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Artificial intelligence-based aircraft parts procurement and RFQ sending tool for Thunderbird

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Reply to All as Cc

Send a reply for recipients as CC except the sender, when you do "Reply to All".

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Addressbooks Default Search No Restart

Provides ability to set default search query for address books.

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Set Default Columns

Provides ability to set default visibility of columns in the thread pane.

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highlight code in email.

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enMailing for Thunderbird

Encrypted email made easy.

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