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Good stuff, but it doesn't work with All in one Sidebar, and it doesn't resize appropriately (height doesn't resize right). It would be better if I can drag and drop into the viewing window (like you can with VLC). Also, If I drag something and nothing is currently playing, I would like it to start playing rather build up links.

Otherwise, this extension isn't that bad.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.9.1) sebelumnya. 

Thanks for review

1. I already got a request for integration with All-In-One Sidebar, so I'll work on that soon.
2. What do you mean it does not resize right? It seems to me that it works fine.
3. Drag and drop into the viewing window sounds great! Added to the Scope Of Work (SOW).
4. Currently it is impossible to detect whether something is playing or not. But when it will be possible to detect I'll work on that. Added to the SOW.
Thanks again for review!