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Custom Buttons

Add-on DOES work on Firefox 48+ Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

I don't know how many millions of times this has to be said, but here goes one more time.

This is a review page, not a bugs report or feedback section. For reporting bugs go to the official Custom Buttons forums (http://custombuttons.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php). It's right there in the description of this add-on.

In the official forum (inside the Bug report section) you will find a fixed version of this add-on that has been published there for more than two months.

For people saying "JS opens new links -- always -- in new windows regardless of the browser setting". I tell them this: JS opens new links were YOU tell it to. Custom Buttons add-on has nothing to do with that. Again, ask your questions in the official forum.

And here is my review. Custom Buttons add-on keeps working despite all efforts by Mozilla to want to kill each and every one of the add-ons that are remotely useful.

All-in-One Sidebar

Temporary fix until this add-on is updated. Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Temporary fix until this add-on is updated.

For AiOS to work again in Firefox 31 and up, do the following.

Unzip the xpi file and look for the aios.xul file (inside the content folder). Edit as follow:
Change all occurrences of "downloads.tooltip" to "downloads.label".
Change all occurrences of "bookmarksButton.tooltip" to "bookmarksButton.label".
Change all occurrences of "historyButton.tooltip" to "historyButton.label".

Save the changes and re-compress the xpi file. Done! AiOS working perfectly as usual.

For those who care to know, this add-on was broken because the geniuses at Mozilla decided to remove yet another thing from Firefox!!! "Thank you" very much, Mozilla!!!

BTW, when I started Firefox (beta) and I saw that the sidebar was gone, I almost had a heart attack!!! LOL I could not live without this add-on!!! Luckily, it took me two seconds to find a fix on GitHub.

Thanks, Ingo!!

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya ( sebelumnya. 

X-notifier (for Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo,AOL ...)

I never had any problem with this extension. Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Hello everyone.
First, I congratulate the creator of this excellent tool.
I would emphasize that I never had any problem with any of the mail services I use every day.
I have two Gmail accounts, a Yahoo! account and two Hotmail accounts currently configured in WebMail Notifier. All working perfectly.
This may help those having problems with Gmail accounts. I have enabled the POP3 service on all my accounts except my Hotmial accounts, of course.


Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (1.5.2) sebelumnya.