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Hindi Pop up Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

After installing this extension, just hover the mouse on top of an English word and a pop-up will appear with suggestions of possible hindi equivalents.

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Standalone SeaMonkey Mail

Use SeaMonkey as a standalone e-mail client. Set up a default browser for links opened from Mail & Newsgroups.

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Generic CSS Loader 2 Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

A very basic CSS loader for Firefox. No fancy features, just an alternative to userChrome and userContent files.

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All the great features of /u/RemindMeBot in a quick and easy to use extension!

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Process Toggle

Toolbar panel for restarting the application with(out) multiple processes and for changing the maximum number of content processes (this requires Firefox 49 or newer).

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Subasa Tamil to Sinhala Transliteration Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Tamil To Sinhalese Transliteration provide by Subasa Language Service

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Korrigiert ärgerliche und den Lesefluß hemmende Schreibweisen auf Webseiten. Kann auch auf die in der Schweiz übliche Schreibung angepaßt werden.

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Dog Ears Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Mark important parts of a webpage to easily relocate them.

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Preferential (New GUID) Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Advanced preferences manager for Mozilla-based...

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XDM Helper2 Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

XDM integration module2

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BeeFree Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Removes tracking links from several web search engines.

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Password Mask Changer

Changes the mask character used in password fields.

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Link Status Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Shows an icon on the status bar when the mouse cursor is over a link to a page you bookmarked or visited before. In Firefox 3.5 and later, the extension also offers an option to disable the visited link styling to reduce the risk to privacy.

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AMO Browsing für SeaMonkey

Dieses Addon erleichtert SeaMonkey-Nutzern die Suche nach geeigneten Addons. Es korrigiert Fehler in der Kompatibilitätsbeschreibung und verlinkt wenn nötig zum Add-On-Converter

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Forumzilla Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Forumzilla lets you read news and blog feeds in your email application. It is similar to the feed reader built into Thunderbird, but it lets you download stories into any folder in any POP, IMAP, or local account (configurable per...

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IE Tab V2 Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Ported version of IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab) that is compatible with SeaMonkey 2. Based on IETab.net work.

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Orkut Toolbar Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums, easily access all common functions of orkut, create and manage custom signatures and insert and view images and flash movies in orkut posts and scraps.

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Lovely forks

Show notable forks of Github projects.

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GDirections Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Finds directions on Google and Yahoo Maps based on your selected text and one of various home addresses that you can store.

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Show History Popup

При нажатии средней кнопки или прокрутке колесика мышки показывает всплывающее окно истории в строке адреса и поиска.

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