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Hi, I think that the Web Developer toolbar is a 5 stars toolbar. But after the new version of Firefox (57.0) the toolbar is not "a real toolbar" and you have to do one more click (and it's not convenient when you use it a lot). I hope the toolbar return as is it was before this update. Thank you.

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And where is the web developer toolbar now? A button somewhere on the side of the panel with a drop-down menu is not at all convenient. You need to do a lot of mouse clicks before you get the result

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Por largo tiempo esta extension me parecio la mas util como desarrollador, y el uno de los pocos motivos por los que uso firefox. Desde la ultima actualizacion (automatica lamentablemente, se me escapo) no pudeo ver como antes el codigo CSS.
Se volvio casi inuti la extension sin esta funcionalidad

Voy a intentar instalar una version antererior de firefox y de la extension, de lo contrario adios Firefox, totalmente inutil, me paso a Chrome

Maldicion Mozilla !

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I've used and recommended this addon for many years. Unfortunately the new 2.0 version of the Web Developer addon has lost all of the functionality that made it relevant for me:

- quick access to the proxy settings
- control over the browser cache
- ability to disable javascript entirely
- controls for changing the useragent

I'm guessing it's just not possible to support that sort of functionality inside the new webextension addon framework. Hopefully some other tool that fills these needs will become available.

Thanks for all your efforts over the years building this excellent tool.

Yup, adjusting proxy settings and disabling JavaScript are not possible with a WebExtension which is why those features had to be removed. There is the possibility that I may be able to add some basic cache features back in a future release, but they will be probably be somewhat limited given the lack of APIs I now have available.

Controlling the user agent was actually part of my other extension User Agent Switcher which I do hope to update as a WebExtension. However, this requires rewriting it entirely from scratch so I am not sure when I will have the time to do that honestly.

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Con gran pesar veo como una de las mejores extensiones para firefox de todos los tiempos se ha transformado en una parodia de sí misma.
Cuando en Firefox llegan a la conclusión de que el 40% de los usuarios no usa extensiones, seguramente no han tenido en cuenta el gran uso que se les da a móviles y tabletas.
Además los que formamos parte de ese 60% creo que nos merecemos algo más.
Espero que el desarrollador pueda solventar las restricciones y pronto podamos ver un add-on como en sus viejos tiempos.

With great regret I see how one of the best extensions to firefox of all time has become a parody of itself.
When in Firefox they reach the conclusion that 40% of users do not use extensions, surely they have not taken into account the great use that is given to mobile phones and tablets. Besides, those of us who are part of that 60% believe that we deserve something more. I hope the developer can solve the restrictions and soon we can see an add-on like in his old days.

All of the changes in the extension were required by Firefox as they have switched to a new system for extensions. There is nothing I can do on my end to work around this unfortunately.

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Keep Up the Good Job.

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With this version of the WebDeveloper you need many more clicks to get to the desired options. I want a full bar like in version 1.2.
The current version is designed to be childish.

WARNING: The new version kill's my bar who i have searchfield, https, adblock and other symbols. (Firefox ESR 52.4. - 52.5) I Use the Classic Shell addon.

I've now moved back to the older version, which I like version 1.2

The new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars so there is nothing I can do on my end to support this.

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Thanks for your job and the uptade with firerox quantum

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I miss the special toolbar. Version 2 only has only this small dropdown menu which needs more mouse clicks. With the old permanent toolbar I would give 5 stars.

The new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars so there is nothing I can do on my end to support this.

Seems to work, perhaps just get to learn how to use it. Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

I understand the old one will not work under the new version. That's not nice but you can't help it.

I found the little block in the top right of firefox. I will need to find out how it works. Perhaps itś possibe to show what every part is when hovering over it?

Firefox completely changed the way extensions must now work and the old version will no longer which is why I was forced to change everything. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do on my end to change this.

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Hi there!

I'm a web developer. been doing this for 20 years now. your plugin has made my work much easier.

Just updated to Quantum to realize my developer toolbar has disappeared. I'm looking around to find a way to get it back. Is there one?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

The new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars so Web Developer now has to be activated by clicking on the cog icon in the toolbar (you may need to customize the toolbar to add the icon):

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Does clicking Miscellaneous | Clear History
give me a dialogue that lets me clear just the disk cache?

I want to keep my history but still empty the cache - as was possible pre-WebExt.
Empty Cache Button
lets me do that.

No, that feature applies to the history and not the cache. The old 'Clear Cache' feature needs to be rewritten as Firefox removed the API it was using, but I hope to add it back in a future release.

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J'utilise ce plugin depuis des années et il absolument INDISPENSABLE pour travailler.

Mais quelle idée à Firefox de ne plus le rendre compatible !! j’espère que cela va se régler rapidement.

1 stars pour Firefox et 5 stars pour vous et le module quand il fonctionnera à nouveau

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Such a shame that Firefox have royally screwed this up.

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I just updated Firefox, to my dismay discovered what they did to this amazing Add-on.

The five stars are all for Chris for developing this amazing tool and supporting it over the years. The newest version of Firefox (57) has absolutely neutered this extension. My response goes a little beyond just being sad. I'm actually feeling more than a little shock right now. I'm a professional web developer, and have been for well over a decade now. I've used the Web Developer plugin pretty much continually for as long as I remember. I've shown dozens of people this amazing tool; I've evangelized it all over the place. It truly is a cornerstone of my work and my career, I rely on it every bit as much as I do Illustrator, Photoshop or my IDE.

The new version of Firefox has clearly hobbled this add-on. It's upsetting because I've suffered with Firefox and its infuriating memory hole bugs through the years exclusively because of this amazing plugin. This could finally be the end of my time as a Firefox user. Can I live without this Add-on? Sure, but it undoubtedly makes the design implementation phase of my work much, much more difficult. The built-in developer tools (the likewise neutered Firebug) simply don't cut it, not for writing and editing style sheets.

Chris, I'm not sure how I can thank you enough for building and giving away this amazing tool. I hope the Firefox folks will correct their mistake in the very near future. I genuinely feel a little sick over this, time for a tall glass of wine.

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Not liking the new update. Want to be able to pin the tools open for easy access. Could also quickly access items by using keyboard combinations. I hope this is temporary and can be fixed.

The keyboard shortcut support in the new version of Firefox is completely different so the extension needs to be heavily rewritten to support those again. However, I do hope to add support back in for both keyboard shortcuts and 'Pin Features' in a future release.

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oh no where is gone old features? I am very disappointed with new version. I am happy for old version that was best.

Any features that were removed is because Firefox either drastically changed or completely removed the APIs that were powering them. This was a change forced on me and not something I had any control over.

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Hey guys! I have been using this add on for long time. I recently updated to Quantum and the "view generated source" option seems to have disappeared. Using Windows 10 home, 64 bit, with Firefox 57.

The APIs this feature used are no longer supported in the new version of Firefox so unfortunately I had to remove it from the extension.

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As a front-end developer, this tool is irreplaceable. A couple features that are no longer available, and I very much miss are the pin-able settings and "disable javascript".

I am hoping to bring back the 'Pin Features' option, but Firefox has removed the APIs that powered the disable features so I had to remove them. I have asked Firefox to add back in support, but until they do there is nothing I can do on my end.