Must have addon Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Better than sk­¡predirect.
This addon works with blocked domains (hosts).

Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Sir you're a hero. Thank you so much

To "Get A Trip" Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

It's best used for porn or download sites.

whitelist not working Peringkat 3 dari 5 bintang

support site is AWOL? great

i added my own domain to the whitelist and likes are still re-written

also, when disabling CL from the toolbar button, it is not completely disabled

AWOL? please elaborate :)

Whitelisting works per the domain being cleared, not the origin domain where a link might be found. Right-click the toolbar button too see which links were cleared and easier whitelisting.

As per the disabling issue, feel free to file an issue in the Github bug-tracker and we can discuss further there.

Question ?? Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Can anyone tell me the exact reason to use Clean Links? In other words what is the best application for it? The benefits?

Enough of you rated this 5 stars so surely you can answer this...would be very grateful...thanks in advance.

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Mouse gestures Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

This add-on is great in terms of configurability (regex), but for me it lacks one crucial feature: working with links opened via mouse gestures (e.g. right-click dragging). I often need to open links in a new tab, and mouse gesture is way more convenient than pressing Shift+Ctrl key while clicking. I really hope the developer will support mouse gestures (e.g. FireGestures) in a future release.

Another issue is that even if I configured Google to open search results in new tabs, Clean Links doesn't see that, and always opens links in place.

Finally, a weird bug I just found: on Firefox 45, if I remove the toolbar button, after the browser restarts, Clean Links will be disabled. You can re-enable it by restoring the button. It seems that the button must always show in the toolbar in order for it to stay enabled after Firefox restarts.

But this add-on is truly useful and has great potential. Thank you Diego.

Nevermind, ignore the last review Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

I got it working again somehow. Still wish it would strip the affiliate amazon links that are shortened. :( I really hate Buzzfeed making money off of anything I do online.... Other than that, great addon.

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Nightly Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Could you add Electrolysis compatibility to your really awesome Firefox addon ? Electrolysis seems to go into the next major FF release and thus a huge bunch of addons must use a new API in order to continue to work.

Please fix CleanLinks and Tab Utilities Fixed + Tab Mix Plus issue Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Whenever I use Tab Utilities Fixed or Tab Mix Plus with Clean Links when having Tree Style Tabs links won't open in a new tree tab. :(

Without Tab Utilities Fixed or Tab Mix Plus Clean Links works great with Tree Style Tabs alone.

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Nice plugin but has its own mind for working Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

When it works, it works very good.
What is happening to me is that after some time it stops to work without any notice and FF restart is required.
After restart it works again, until it stops again.

Does not work in FF 46.0.x + (e10s) Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Great addon and fantastic work from the developer, unfortunately 46.0.x + broke its functionality due to e10s

Working perfectly but how about little extension? Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Your addon is working as advertised! But how about little extension? Make it work for selected links as well. Not just one copy link? Or at least to intercept other addons "copy selected links" and fix their paths?

What do you mean by "little extension"?

Enabling the "http observer" option you can make CleanLinks intercept pretty much every link loaded by the browser, if that's what you want - you may find you would need to whitelist several sites, though.

转换文本链接并不起作用 Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

转换文本链接并不起作用 还有规则都列在一行都不好怎么查看和处理了

Working nicely Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Had a problem but checked the Github for info and now fixed.

Looking forward to future developments of this great addon.

great addon Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang


good but.. Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

it was a good addon until firefox disabled it, claiming it's not signed. no way to contact developer about bugs.

I'm right here, and issues are usually reported in the Github bug-tracker: :-)

As you can see there, nobody reported it for CleanLinks, but I indeed got it for another addon, check

I.e: re-install the extension :-/

Very good Addon Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

The Addon works very well.
A lot of good consideration and options are integrated.

Some suggestions:
- URL-Bar colour customization resp. use the colour of Link highlighting
- A FAQ with the expression "syntax" would be useful
- use a text area instead of a text field
- entry in the right click menu [open as unclean link]
(- a little more attention to the design of the panel ;) but to be fair, I no need the panel XD )

:::::: edit :::::::
I think, for the less experienced user and to make the addon more user-friendly, you could give the button/panel more functionality e.g. :
- access to the options
- similar to the "element hiding picker" in Adblocker, it would be great to have an "element link picker".
You choose the part of the Link you want to add to the whitelist scheme or in the section remove from links and the picker add it with the correct syntax in the settings.

Eficiente d+ Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Exelente em casos de redirecionamento do link original dos download

Major Bug Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Works great but has major a bug. If I right click on the toolbar icon and display the list I cannot scroll the list of links without Microsoft store from opening up. It's quite annoying.

Great Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

However, it keeps working after disabling it using icon.