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Nama Herb Henderson
Pengguna sejak May 11, 2007
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POW -- Plain Old Webserver

this baby rocks..... Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

I am a community college math instructor and using pow have coded a quiz taking url that is on my memory stick (that I take everywhere) that grades my quizes and stores it in my sqllite db. The path feature does not work in pow but i just use the default path. life is good. i am stress testing this thing next week when classes start. i'll have about 20 students in a class taking the quiz and submitting the program. i have a dynamic ip address i get from ipconfig and have the students put it in the browser to take the quiz. when i am done i put the stick in my pocket move to a new class and repeat the procedure. very clean implementation - elegant. the example code was perfect for me to get up and rolling. if i ever made money on this you can bet your a__ i will toss some royalties at the creaters of pow and sqllite and firefox and portableapps.......

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