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Shodan Firefox Add-on

Field of Vision Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Googling from is liike "search 1.0" to me where i first realize the ability to 'see things' from the internet, searching from the browser bar is like "search 2.0" where result or context can be selected from a customizable list or parameter defined. maybe Google Now should (in my mind) be the "search 3.0" where i start to make my searches accross different devices and done so verbally sometime, stuff that search and find are usually contents created or being put out such as articles, apps or movies. With that in mind, shodan to me is something different in nature and in my opinion (which is not immune from being misinformed or misguided in the past but are corrected and changed with new evidence presented) allow me to have a better perspective and the ability to see certain things from certain angle that was unknown to me previously, Although it is still an engine that allow me to search for things, in most cases my ability to see or find for things or answer really depends on knowing what to ask or where to find. In my pov shodan is different but in the same cluster of quality or standard as Wolphram Alpha or Recorded Future - no longer offer its search engine to the public.
When it comes to the searc version and the vision they allow, Shodan, in my opinion is like "search-ng" or the new generation of search machine. If the desire and ability to search, to find or to know is like the ability to see and discover, using shodan definitely improve the peripheral vision significantly thus significant improve my Field of Vision.
wow - howbout that for my first ever review done in firefox?