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Nama StormDrive
Pengguna sejak January 22, 2014
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LinusTechTips Google search plugin

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LinusTechTips Notifier Tidak bisa Mulai Ulang

The LinusTechTips Notifier for Firefox - Notifies you through an icon, desktop notification and sound when you receive a notification or personal message on the LTT forums, when new content is available from them on YouTube or Twitch.

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LastPass Password Manager

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== The addon has been updated a couple of times since I posted this review, and the issues had been fixed. I was going to come here to update my review to reflect this, but instead discovered that today, the addon crashes on startup, and is therefore completely useless. I accept that I am using an alpha build of the addon, and therefore can't expect it to be perfect. However, I at least expect the addon to run - it doesn't take a highly qualified QA genius to notice that the addon is completely broken and not running at all.
The update that released soon after my original review made the addon much better in general, with better UI design, but nothing can make up for an addon that just straight up doesn't function at all.==

I use an alpha build of Firefox, and I am well aware that doing so can cause issues with extensions. The release channel version of the addon hasn't worked for me for about 9 months now, and I've been using the development channel. I get that betas aren't supposed to be polished, but some of these "betas" have massive issues that should not have got past the person who wrote the code in the first place. If you're going to update the password reprompt dialog, which I need to complete to access the passwords that are actually important, you could at least have the courtesy to make sure that it doesn't just throw an exception and fail...
I have previously contacted their support about other issues that I had been having (which also made the extension completely unusable), and they had been happy to provide me with an internal version which wasn't broken, but that should not be necessary.
They also have some (seemingly completely pointless) code in the extension which triggers security alerts when the website owner has opted to block unauthorised scripts (using Content Security Policy), which makes the alerting feature completely useless for identifying XSS attacks.
It would be great if everyone used password managers, so that the internet would be a safer place. Unfortunately, LastPass seems to be trying hard to stop that from becoming a reality.

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