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Facebook GIF Downloader

Facebook GIF Downloader will allow you to Download GIF images from Facebook.

You don't have to share links to your friends after using this extension. You'll really be sharing the GIF itself.

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Онлайн Радио в твоём браузере

Ни каких плагинов Flash! Всё с помощью технологий HTML5 Audio.
Больше не нужны антенны, радиоприемники и кабеля. Теперь радио можно слушать онлайн c помощью данного расширения! Просто, удобно, сделав всего пару кликов...

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Cleans your Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (unstable), Instantbird and BlueGriffon.

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FOXSCAPE Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

A full featured retro theme for Firefox that looks like Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6+ "Classic" theme, Mozilla Suite M18+, and SeaMonkey 1.x "Classic" theme running on Windows.

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Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser) Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

This splits the content area of the browser window as you like.

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BugzillaJS - Tweaks for Bugzilla

BugzillaJS adds a number of features to Mozilla's Bugzilla. Keyboard shortcuts, quick file box, inline image/github previews, relative timestamps, gravatars and more. (All features are optional; contains almost all features Bugzilla Tweaks has)

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Flashblocke Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Mantenga el bloqueo de contenido Flash automáticamente, impidiendo que éste se cargue en las páginas web.

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Mozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Jetpack Prototype is an experiment in making it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies.

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Mozilla Cross-Reference

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Behind The *Asterisks* (EladKarako Mod) Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Mouse-Over Shows Whats *Behind* The *Asterisks*
Video Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hifCmVpBflU

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Mozilla Developer Center Google Search (Language: EN)

Mozilla Developer Center Google Search (Language: EN)

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Mozilla Italia Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Permette di accedere rapidamente a tutte le sezioni del forum di Mozilla Italia

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Speak Words

Fill in the rest of words as you type them into the location bar

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Search people on Mozillians

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Google Mozilla addons

Google Mozilla addons searches for Mozilla addons at addons.mozilla.org via google

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Instant Preview

Start loading pages as you select them from the location bar suggestions

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Find Suggest

Suggest words from the page when finding

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MozillaZine Search

Searches MozillaZine

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Mozilla Tree Status

Displays status of Mozilla integration trees and provides notifications of status changes.

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Mozilla Reps Companion

Easy access to tools, documentation, and more for Mozilla Reps

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