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Header Bar No Restart

Header Bar is a simple toolbar that allows you to add or override request headers.

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Extra Content V.I.P. No Restart

Extra Content VIP Extension gives access to Premium VIP content.

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Скриншот на VFL.Ru

С помощью этого дополнения вы можете создать скриншот (снимок) страницы и моментально разместить его на фотохостинге VFL.Ru, получив ссылку на страницу с созданным скриншотом, которую можно отправить тем, кому вы хотели бы показать скриншот.

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Xceptance LoadTest Script Developer

Script Developer is a Firefox extension that lets you record, edit, and replay Selenium-style scripts. It is your place to record, edit, and replay tests with Firefox. The generated scripts can later be used with any WebDriver via the XLT Framework.

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Template Extractor

This tool automatically extracts the template of a webpage.
In order to identify the template, this tool (1) analyzes the webpages linked by the current webpage, and (2) identifies common HTML structures. The common HTML structure is the template.

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Omniref No Restart

Adds Ruby documentation search from to your Google search results and Github source listings.

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Frumentari search

Automatikus keresés a oldalon

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Selenium IDE WebDriver Selector

WebDriver selector for Selenium IDE

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gm-mafia No Restart

a basic add-on gm-mafia

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Betfair Affiliate Deep Link Generator No Restart

Generate Affiliate Deep Links

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Thin Xdebug No Restart

Adds toolbar buttons for switching Xdebug remote debugging and profiling.

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Fake Windows Version for Useragent No Restart

Fake Windows Version for Useragent automatically. Especially usefll Fake XP to Windows 7 or Windows8

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The Other Search No Restart

This is a Firefox add-on that serves two functions. First, it adds buttons for common search engines. Second, if you highlight a word or phrase on a web page and press a combination of keys, it will either open a Wikipedia or Wiktionary overlay.

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Ayuda OJS - CCV No Restart

Herramiente que ayuda a cada participante de un OJS a poder realizar y completar los procesos de publicación de la revista

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Clear History by Threads No Restart

Delete browsing history records by threads. It does NOT work without the addon History in Threads

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Easy GA

Easy GA creates several Google Analytics buttons that you can add to your toolbar that make it easier to see how traffic to your content is changing over time periods you care about. Easy GA looks best in Firefox 29+.

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FireJSOD No Restart

Integrates JavaScript Object Diagram with Firebug

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SHOOT THE COOKIES by Mc Vitie's No Restart

Les cookies sur internet sont diaboliques, c’est la raison pour laquelle McVitie's a crée cet outil intelligent qui va les éliminer de votre ordinateur.
Choisissez les cookies parmi la liste et détruisez-les d’un simple clic.

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Firefox connector for Rapise

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